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"Postcards" a poem by Joe DiMino who retains all reproduction rights. No part of this web page should be reproduced in any form without written consent from Light Enterprises.


"Postcards" (by Joe DiMino)

Let me see…
Give this one a Gothic Border,
For my mood is one
Of secret gardens,
All internal wanderings…

And this one,
Of an island 
A place only
Tropics know-
The sea
Its endless border,
The sky
A far away glow-
A sleepy little lagoon-
Here fairies
Flit, flutter to tell
Flickering tales
Us dream thieves 
Dream to sell…

And now
Above a mountain-
Clouds lightly darkly speak,
Of misty rings
Cumulus things
Where summit and base meet-
Talk of a missing middle,
The answer a
2 syllable word:
Always in a climbing riddle
No middle would be absurd.