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Quotes And Thought For The Day (Author: Joe DiMino)

1: "Children do have a way of bringing us back into focus, usually throwing a slow curve that ends up being a strike to the heart of the matter. Some large lessons of love have come to me from much smaller sizes than myself."

2: "Love is such a wondrous joy--at times even a beautiful tragedy when the good is all that is recalled. Regardless, Love is always love,--omnipotent and immortal."

3: "As I keep trying to tell my cats, all is not tabby-treats and refreshing (I guess) toilet-water."

4: "The all-seeing eye of the heart if allowed to open will always see love first."

5: "Love is patient...quietly waiting to show despite our rejection--abiding in silence as ordered until our cloaking lifted for release and full expression. What joy that moment of uncovering--the heart purely exposed, our greatest lamp."

6: "Often the novice lets sex get in the way of love."

7: "No matter what you have done, come to God. There is no one on this planet more deserving of love and forgiveness than yourself."

8: "The simple act of reflection is another form of prayer. While reflecting we are spiritually strengthened through Divine association--sort of an osmosis of the soul."

9: "Unlike other forms of art, great poetry cannot be faked. Nuance is too precise."

10: "I think all human passion is training for that great passion--learning to see and love God in spirit."

11: "I can honestly say Love is everything to me. Most else I can live without or do with less, but one drop of love lost, or a little added distance from--my soul is aware and grieving!"

12: "If I have learned anything from life, it is that I know nothing; and the mystery of my journey is to douse the lesser-ego with incendiary making ready for Divine spark."

13: "To battle fault is to give it a home. Better see it for what it is...and move on…."

14: "If it makes me uncomfortable, it is wrong. What is right never makes one uncomfortable, not even to motivate us to change. God's change is love."

15: "Though one can learn from 'Trial and Error,' best teacher is to simply open the self up to Divine Love in Presence--and know!"

16: "Art! It is like human love--controlling and all consuming when living with it…death without it!"

17: "Sometimes I really do feel little more than a shadow, a composite of myself reaching deep within to rediscover the many-light from which I have been blinded."

18: "I am thoroughly convinced that all governments should have non-professional civilian oversight...and all science should have non-educated oversight. It would save us all a lot of grief."

19: "While looking at a picture of a magnificent wasps' nest I thought: 'Amazing how creatures so small seem to have capacity for thought so large..."

20: "Too often we manipulate to improve things of natural beauty--making them ugly."

21: "When forgetting we are co-creators with God, our behavior is that of independent destroyers."

22: "Love will not only survive but be born again in us new each day when we are loyal to its essence, believe in its currents--and cherish our moments shared as if they were all eternity."

23: "I have often thought Realism is great, but some abstracts are truer representations of our many journeys."

24: "Only we can shut out the light, but our hands never far from the switches immortal.
"25: "Love is perfect in itself. Complete. Any tinkering can only do it harm. But to give into it; fall trustingly into its fullness ever unfolding into blossom is bliss eternal."

26: "We are often so generous and forgiving of others…why not with ourselves once in-awhile to be fair?"

27: "Far lovelier than beauty skin-deep is the soul in pure transparency."

28: "If I could only keep from getting in my own way!"

29: "Truth can be far more harmful than lies when compassion is omitted."

30: "I have long ago forgiven those who have harmed me in anyway--especially happy I had done so after finding out my forgiveness relieved the unspoken weights carried in their souls. I never want my anger or grief to hold anyone back from the higher sense of God's spirit and purpose."
31: "When looking back I have asked: which is more truth, my image or reflection? Ideally they should both be the same."

32: "I can't imagine myself really knowing anything about what God thinks. I only pray that the beauty I see in Nature and the loving presence I am constantly aware of in my heart is the finer truth. This wish I will keep always."

33: "Whenever I identify a fault in someone else, I realize it is time to eradicate it from myself."

34: "We choose our perspectives. We are of many heavens and many worlds (all are God)."

35: "I believe we are born creators, and when we do not exercise our brains thus our spirits suffer."


36: "Being published and read in print is part of it. But greater is the expression of doing by writing, the act of feeling which is always published in spirit, and in this way reaches into and influences the stream of our collective-consciousness."

37: "Under the skin, under the religion, we are all the same in one body of humanity. If we thought more of our likenesses than our differences it would be a far better world. The ideal is to embrace the beautiful art of individuality, then to love the commonality of God that flows through all of us."

38: "I am grateful for the opportunity in every breath to make this a better world for myself and others."

39: "Some say, one is born a Genius. This is incorrect. Genius can be learned, just cannot be taught."

40: "Focus leads to momentum. All things, each of us and every object and thought we have are universes unto themselves. When we approach life with light in our eyes and warmth in our hearts, as blossoms open to sunlight, many new treasures reveal themselves.

41: "God never sees our flaws--the contract of sin entirely our own...."

42: "He always lifts our spirits; never takes us down--never punishes. We do all that ourselves--to ourselves. There is only love in Him. Negativity is entirely our own creation. And we hold the ticket out of hell in our hands--in our hearts when we free them up for love."



43: "Negativity can be a habit like coffee or tobacco or booze. Not always easy to kick, but the rewards for doing so are astronomical. Our memories are light-discs (records so to speak)--the same thoughts make the grooves deeper. When they are negative thoughts, more serious distortion soon follows. This is not Theory talking…it is Mr. Trial and Error himself. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!"

44: "I think, as poets, while we are always interested in feelings and bringing clarity to life, we can be too addicted to word-images and their sounds."

45: "People often are trapped into "What is;" not realizing that "What-is" is gone before we determine it. Creation is ongoing--and the only Real that is worthy of our concern and energy is our "Ever-becoming."
46: "Sorrow and strife in time will pass. And although we may not be the same, in some sense we are always left stronger, better prepared for new challenges. Defeats or failures will come, but God will find a way to be seen and heard for our restoration and to instill firmer foundations of faith."

47: "I am grateful for all that I have been given, none of which I can really say that I have earned, for so many have worked much harder than I and yet appear to have far less. Therefore, I thank God for all He has given me, and most of all, for allowing me the experience of life through His eyes and heart."

48: "A picture is a thousand words…ten million to others, leading to even more images--the evolution of conceptual thinking; then physical manifestation. For all our sakes keep things positive."



49: "Yes, we do know more of what to expect from the sky. Even when contrary, it is contrary we are accustomed to dealing with--though rather sudden, occasionally, the dark changes. And know that dark will pass in time and the sun will return. Not always so with people: Sometimes the ones closest inclement us the most--and sunshine from them in this journey will never return."

50: "A wise man knows with reservation. A stupid man knows."

51: "I keep telling young people how important it is to discriminate when it comes to visuals and audio. We behave according to our focus. No such thing as seeing or hearing and simply forgetting. All additives can become parts of our DNA."

52: "Our spirits are immortal…and brighten to us with each new incarnation. Physical experience is manifestation of consciousness--the substance of which changes over time. We see what we want to see or have been told to see. Only the spirit is capable of seeing truth. 'And truth is beauty….'"

53: "All of nature is connected on some level; therefore, what we see outside of us is also inside of us to be explored on all planes of experience--many of which are yet beyond imagination."

54: "A rat put in a maze, even if consisting of a myriad of paths, is still subject to a controlled environment. He only has an illusion of Free Will. For him to truly have free-will, he would need to have created the maze, been able to reshape it at will, place it wherever he wished. In fact, he would need access to ultimate power of fashioning a new self and universe."

55: "Destiny knows us better than ourselves."

56: "Unfolding in spirit in a sense can be likened to awakening what is latent within us; wonderful treasures stored inside by our creator. In truth, the dream can become a living reality, as we rise from sleep into conscious oneness with each other, with time, space, and more--surfacing new, beyond imagination."

57: "We are all that was, is, and yet to be. Through cooperative living and by way of art we serve to uplift and strengthen each other when weary along the path. No one gets to the ultimate trophy first."

58: "I think imagination is The Real...everything else sort of just manifests afterwards."

59: "Difficult sometimes to keep a youthful approach to life, but it is well worth the extra effort."

60: "Life is a great mystery. Answers we define become ever finer lines reaching into infinity, revealing endless subtle differences with overlapping complexities often beyond comprehension."

61: "The least obvious, what is behind our art, the things that support our images, the frames that surround them, hooks and wires suspending them in reality, can be more compelling a story than the work itself."

62: "The very sensitivity and fire that makes us artists, always leaves us quite vulnerable and incendiary. And I was never one to have it any other way. If I wasn't dying from, brokenhearted because of a love I lost, I found one in a hurry over whom I could poetically lament--even went out of my way to invent one if no conscriptions available, missing the absence of abysmal feeling for the balance of High Ecstasy."

63: "I sometimes drive my truck down the road, imagining what I must look like to others, seeing myself from the outside, through different eyes and points of view. Then I come back in, think of all that I have learned about them and me."
64: "We must take hold of our own destinies and not let anyone or any incident convince us that we are entirely powerless."

65: "The universe responds to us in all ways. Most beautiful is that of Harmony. In spirit and in body it produces vibrations off the chart!"

66: "In the silence all is still, even the voice of Time respectfully pauses, awed by its own lips of eternity."

67: "If God is all knowing, and my journey as Him to see, now I look into eternity blind only to limits."

68: "As we realize what was lost with our conscious independence from God, we more-and-more long for both...."

69: "While looking at a magnificent photo of a sunset, I thought, sometimes we defy Nature to our credit: She is always in change and here the artist has captured a moment of Her beauty that our eyes and hearts may fondly linger in pleasant defiance."

70: "Here we are in the middle, where nothing is black and white--a colorful image with loads of hues somewhere between shadow and light. One reveals us--as the other envies and darkly copies."

71: "Creation is the illusive mystery we seek--what we love of great art, writing, and symphony passionately motivates us to emulate in spirit."


72: "Our outward manifestations of great writing, art and music, are exclamations of awakening!"

73: "When seeing God, our relationship, the awe, responsibility and all else that goes with it, we often hide again in contrived personality and circumstance. But He never stops looking for an opportunity given to Him to reveal Himself in truth."

74: "There is the God of our religions and philosophies; and then the unknowable God, always out beyond our understanding--of infinite evolution."
75: "Answers are often unobtainable...better to pray for quality time to enjoy the questions."

76: "A satisfying ending is often the toughest part, trying to get things to come together in a meaningful way--a never ending challenge with both art and life."

77: "Often we do not project ourselves as we really are, tuning eyes out instead of in."

78: "Final analysis, you alone should be left standing in God."

79: "Our minds are not simply what we think and imagine, but gateways of formation to where we are going."

80: "Whenever I am angry with someone or upset with their behavior, I quickly look inside myself for its twin. Sure enough I will find it. And then it is a perfect opportunity for self improvement."
81: "The God in you sees and loves the God in me. Then we are one in the strongest sense."

82: "We are often wanting what we can't have--and never having for we can't leave."

83: "Sometimes art can be destructive, becoming an excuse for dying instead of another reason for living."

84: "We choose our life and we choose our death--till we choose only life."

85: "I know we stop traveling the moment we believe that we have arrived somewhere. I pray God spares me this egoism!"

86: "We are each a universe of: Lost and found. Open, expose and find. Heal and let love."

87: "There is nothing we do right except loving and forgiving, learned by God's example. Anything else we think we know will be proven in time to have been illusion."

88: "I try my best when I write to be truthful to my feelings while also remaining true to what I comprehend of truth. The only way I can really know if I am even close to truth (what I am able to understand at my level of development) is by how what I write effects others. I believe there is a deep level of truth, by which we relate (though Truth appears to all of us on close examination as slightly different--our personal relationship) that is the same for all of us. And that profound truth is God evident."


89: "What we think we know are really only symbols--representations of deeper truth and meaning ever evolving infinite."

90: "I am certain God does not blame us for what we are yet to learn. As we evolve in love and forgiveness, He will also seem nearer and kinder to our eyes."

91: "Within my abstract I discover the infinite--a personal universe of clarity without division."

92: "Divine Light can only be seen by the quickened spirit-eye. Sunlight is of far less vibration, appearing dark in comparison. As a Student of Truth continues to develop his sensitivity for higher vibration, by focused use of the opening spirit-eye, his soul is simultaneously enlightened and lifted into ever brighter Illumination."

93: "There are many things for which we should simply be grateful--enjoy them, accept them for their beauty, and never try to interpret or analyze--pry into the chemistry of miracle."

94: "Nothing wrong with being human. How could there be? God made us."

95: "Governments come and go. Some attempt to elevate and glorify the individual, while most elevate and glorify only themselves and their own personal causes. The more power a government seizes, restricting personal freedoms of choice, the more resistance in time a suppressed people will surmount until their very souls cry-out for renewed liberty. This is a basic right of the human spirit, that of self expression with the freedom to expand out into an ever-changing, never-ending journey of personal-awareness while respecting the rights of others. God is the prime example of freedom, selfishly giving of Himself as the "Eternal-well-of-essence" from which all of creation draws, having realized in these deep waters the Purest Source of Immortal Substance. He has given birth to us, with complete faith in His offspring having dominance of goodness. The greatest crime against Heaven and Earth is to squander, for the false promise of social security, our own Freewill, the treasure of which is Righteous Self-determination."

96: "I think that the high-of-love evolving in our hearts (even the One that is seemingly all and enough, between us and God) with other knowledge and understanding of truth we come-by is in part knowing that beauty, may it be that which we see in nature or that of human expression at its best, is always lacking when not attempting to let others see through our own illumined eyes. It is the full circle of: first finding God in ourselves; then in others and all things…to finally realizing, it is all one in God. Nothing exists outside the Almighty and ourselves."

97: "Absolute power absolutely corrupts." I believe this is God's own realization and Crowning-perfection--the very reason why He thought it necessary to give His creation, Man, Freewill. What greater love, than to be willing to give everything you own away, down to the very essence of yourself?

98: "One can see truth or gravitate toward the malignancy of clouded perceptions…but truth is everything that is worth maintaining and possessing (what is eternal and left after the perfected reality of all)...and it never changes--within truth the painful/good Law-of-consequences."

99: "There can be an entire universe of sensation in even the smallest particle of every moment we live. We must open ourselves up to each eternal voice. The secret is, to live in the moment, unencumbered by the past and future: knowing one is gone…and the latter--a miracle creation that is immortal."

100: "Nothing is correct without a center…to start from and stay in if one wishes to experience the beauty of essence."

101: "Talent manifests when we allow divine-spark within to surface. It is less a process of learning and more the process of becoming the triumph of our innate gifts."

102: "What we see in others...and in the world at large...the good and bad...we could not, would not see if it were not within ourselves. On the positive side (when referring to the negatives), to see evil within ourselves does not mean that we must act upon it (are slave to it)--bad within us can be used as reference for what not to do."

103: "Science verses God? Of course, as you know, the answer is not found in looking at near or distant matter, but while listening to Divine-echo within…the yet unsolved mystery behind a human heartbeat…further confounding the sciences when two heartbeats combine, making "Love's Harmony." Science will never improve or decide love--love is perfect if just allowed to be."

104: "I never believe that I have arrived in any sense of the word; nor believe that I am better in any way than other folks seeking answers: most of us foraging daily in the same way--most always looking up through a canopy of ego for light unobstructed--attempting to see our way clearly though a Forest Of Self."

105: "I love to travel in the realms of art--here we are omnipotent; but become ever more humble as we begin to realize, through the creative process, potential for endless expression as we grow in Divine-sense."

106: "There can always be a new you…evolving, inventing yourself and world as you think. The past should never be used as a reference or balance. All references are part of us, used spontaneously whether we like them or not. Freedom is to seize the present moment…before the old claims us back."

107: "What is given from Love's unconditional heart, is never less than all."

108: "There is only one value, and one place. They are both God."

109: "One cannot separate the art from the artist; or the lover from love--love is never outdated; with always the same seeming freshness though the future."

110: "God is Love. And if the self is only love, then God is indeed Self. Personally, I've got a ways to go--I seek by way of Christ."

111: "You are indeed all with Him; substance made out of Him; out of love; for us; for Him; Forever."

112: "I see no indication that anything is fully at rest; even the departed are alive in memory at the least…so I well anticipate life (motion) to be eternal in one form or another. And I know love will always be a major player in my heart."

113: "There is a greater mystery of being, a personality we share just awaiting our introduction: The many sons of God when fully awakened and incorporated in spiritual essence will be the greatest story infinitely told."

114: "So true, if you cannot attract what you physically need, or those that can help you get it, you then have the power to create it from nothing (a divine metaphor). The law of attraction applies to all that God has in the way of power released by love--therefore, Love is the greatest of all. There is nothing you can imagine in essence as good if it has not already been blessed by God and only awaits our willing into physical manifestation."

115: "Soul is the real substance. Everything else, illusion--veils hiding the greater beauty of spirit."

116: "Why tell the truth? Simply for Truth: "As Keats said, "Truth is beauty...that is all."

117: "One Perfect Kiss!"--that is one that lingers on the lips and heart forever."

118: "Forgiveness...the greatest relief for the deepest pain...."

119: "When men and women complement one another, come together with their own special strengths and tenderness, no matter what the occasion the experience is divine."

120: "Some loves can never be replaced, remain singular and immortal in our hearts; but we should not languish and wither if by fate parted. Great love would not want this as a memorial, but insist on being kept alive by continued expression with others. It is the way of true love, and consistent with our Divine Nature."

121: "At times what we think, long-for in the future, is far more important and closer to truth than where we are…the physical journey often trailing behind the more swift spirit--which, when driven by pure imagination, can become entirely free from the Cause and Effect of past and present entombment."

122: "Time" does not exist. It is much like math: 2+2 is meaningless other than as a concept. What exists are 2 apples plus 2 apples. It is the same with Time: Time is only relevant to human consciousness (awareness), and has nothing to do with actual Matter. Time is simply a flexible concept, allowing for ignorant pauses.



123: "After the glitter and the wandering gone--one is ready to see love."

124: "Father, I ask always that Your love grow in me...and my expression is only of Your seeding…."

125: "Thank God, His Son of Triumph, sees only the victory in me!"

126: "Faith need never be blind: an ongoing presence with God when living prayer--"


127: "Too few dare to explore the heart openly; yet it is the only way we will ever get to know spirit independent of Instinctive Mechanics."

128: "There are parts of the self we fear to look directly at, by chance seeing a dark-side few of us are prepared to confront--afraid our lesser-self will continue to embrace despite the obvious distastefulness. If we do our best, God and His angels will do the rest."

129: "I see a beautiful, universal-cooperative-spirit awakening in the minds and hearts of young and old alike. Unfortunately, those same growths in spirit are seen by many industries and governments as perfect vehicles for greater manipulation leading to more selfish gain. I have been lied to so often by government, especially self-serving hypocrites, I feel like that possessed kid in the movie with her head spinning. The narcotic of power destroys the hearts and confiscates the souls of most men/women. That is why the US Constitution was written in such a way as to limit centralized power. Our constitution presently is under serious attack by many of those who have sworn to protect. A majority of us are naively allowing our leaders to throw our babies out with the bathwater. We have become one or two issue citizens with tendency to vote our own immediate needs and desires while staying ignorant to greater issues which further down-the-road guard the rights and freedoms of all."

130: "Difficult to gain approval from critics. Sadly, preoccupied with their own sense of superiority, they do not look at themselves with the same fine scrutiny as they do others, often to the unfair detriment of the artist.
131: "By the time we are truly capable of understanding human love,
we are too tired to entirely express it--sort of like falling asleep
in the middle of a good show…."

132: "When possible, I try to walk to the beat of my own drummer, which is not to say, set for one's self always an easy path. When asked to give advice to young people, struggling to succeed, I often say, whatever you do, give it your best shot. In the aftermath, hot and cold are far better statements to live with than runny, lukewarm, regardless of the outcome."

133: "I believe all the unspoken love we feel for one another, along with our mystical affections for the wonders of Mother Nature, are the why behind most poetry."

134: "Don't believe for a moment that you are defeated
no matter how dire the situation--there are resources within each of us
deeper than any sea and higher than any imagined sky--light-years of incarnations to travel...."

135: "When I die, I think, if given the choice out of all I have experienced, I would be more than satisfied to just take with me what I have learned of love."




136: "It is important to be politically involved; to elect leaders who will work peacefully with other nations for the noble purpose of alleviating poverty and suffering in the world. It must be done, for there will be no Heaven in Heaven for anyone until we make here first a Heaven on earth. As Heaven casts down Light for illumination and purification, so must earth reflect back a transformed consciousness having heightened values and beauty, harmoniously connecting divine and human physical and mental purpose...or pits of darkness and shadows will persist for both unending. It is entirely up to us--God given Free Will the Ruler of time and space.

137: "When allowing nature to simply express its eternal purpose, one can see God's beauty manifesting throughout creation. Truth be told, all mishaps are the exercise of our own free-will circuitously evolving its twisted way to at last accept God's perfect state of being."

138: "Difficult to see clearly sometimes…but on those occasions when we do, I like to think it is natural for us to say beautiful things, and paint lovely images."

139: "Where there is live there is hope." The God of Infinite Wonders did not error--make for our challenge an obstacle for which He did not prepare in advance a healing answer. Our destiny is not to accept defeat of any kind, but to rise and conquer."

140: "The moments I treasure are when I do not feel a product of my past (nor distracted by worries about the future), enabling me to freely let the present unfettered release from within me its endless store of health and beauty."

141: "Fabulous when feeling so alive that nothing else is greater than the present moment surging through me! It is during such times, while listening to magnificent music, reading exquisite poetry, or awed by the likes of Rembrandt and Degas one touches beauty and power that brings all senses closest to perfect being...struck by such brilliance, one cannot help but feel in spirit that we have a soulful affinity to an omnipotent nature.

142: "Lessons can be painful--most of us, I realize, having had more than one feels is his or her rightful share of physical and spiritual trials; but the rewards for meeting challenges head-on are truly worth the confrontation...and the wall one must eventually climb ever taller with each delay of scaling. God loves us."

143: "Finding truth begins with asking questions: the greater discovery, through more layers of uncovering. Truth is, we can never know a thing in itself (not entirely, not even ourselves, for we are Free-will-beings with unlimited possibilities for expression)--for each thing has a sacred relationship that is ultimately between it and God alone, and a combined purpose that only the mind of God can hold in consciousness; but we are privy to a treasure-of-aspects--sort of like seeing a flower unfolding, invited to inspect one by one the infinite miracle of each petal. Greater discoveries start with burning questions (Though there is no burning in God's knowledge--only love); leading to obsessions of, having-to-know (however God gives openly and spontaneously of Himself, never his way one of only driven suffering). While this may make us uncomfortable, the rewards of greater enlightenment are astronomical, stars beckoning for our reach."
144: "True wealth and comfort is in the health of respectful harmony: 'Do no harm.'"

145: "I think success is less developing strength, and more just stepping outside of personal grief and disappointment--allowing the greatness we are each born with to do its natural thing."

146: "Night is quite attractive--but can seem fatal darkness for some when cut-off from God's stars for illumination."

147: "Sometimes Heaven clips our wings a bit, not to stop our flying, but just to ground us some, allowing for time to necessarily reflect."


148: "Those walls built to keep others out are also walls we must later scale ourselves if ever wanting to get beyond. What was once simple extraction, with prolonged infection becomes a major root-canal--requiring a specialist for treatment. Better to let go now, and be healed."

149: "People do not realize their own powers: Intellectually, logically, we can do little more than react--spiritually imagination has no creative limits."

150: "That which we accept we declare: The more often we say it is difficult, the more difficult it will be. Negative thoughts are bricks added to already existing walls, or will make new, more formative ones, thicker and taller obstacles. God did not make achieving happiness equivalent Brain Surgery. Even walls that others put up are penetrated by true forgiveness. We can intellectualize forgiveness forever...or instantly let loose on a soul level and experience the miracle of spontaneous regeneration of consciousness. I tell you this not as theory, but proven Spiritual Science. Just let go. Every time a negative comes back, change your mind's subject. Don't will it away, because that sets up a battle, which enforces a form of ownership; instead, quickly disown harmful thoughts...severing relationship is the key. Repeat to yourself, "This is not of God--and, therefore, it is not of me.'"

151: "There is a perverted sense of beauty in suffering; or we would not so often, as with the case Poe and his Raven, thusly inflict ourselves. The Raven will stay above our doors--there to greet us when coming and going--for as long as we persist to dwell in the same sad houses of consciousness."

"The Guardian of one's spirit
has many different names and forms
(deternimed by one's consciousness)--
is always listening for change;
when turned to for comfort,
ready to show infinite love."

153: "To know is to set the foundation for living, I believe. And with true life comes greater joy, I have prayed and found."

154: "I think too many people are insecure with themselves therefore untrusting of love, which really doesn't allow one to fully experience either. Love can be easy and joyful to receive and express if just allowed to be itself--stand free in its own natural light."

155: "Sadly, when behaving mortal often we try to improve on perfection to the destruction of all that is innately sacred and beautifully evolutionary."
156: "Often one is stranger to his or herself most, and only revealed when in the arms and looking into the eyes of a significant other."

157: "And they wind again and then unravel--and then rewind, at last woven into new garment sturdy and seamless for all seasons--the threads of our lives."

158: "When he is at one with the brush, with the pen, allowing each its spirit's authority, the artist feels closest to God."

159: "All firsts start with a dream; and then a determinant push--from which comes forth in time, often seemingly out of fanciful nothingness, jewels of manifestation. You are your own treasure…destined to learn your infinite beauty as Christ knows Himself in relationship to the Father."

160: "We do set up our own rhythms and boundaries, limited by our needs, dreams or lack of, and faith, having a limitless capacity to attract love which is the source of all things good."

161: "We are double-minded; and for real, part of us in the grip of hell while the source of us is the love of Heaven. Succeeding is not learning or conquering, but more--letting go. All tools to be happy and productive we already spiritual own. Use them."

162: "I have done this more than once in my life--lived and settled for at least something of remaining affection, while knowing the relationship will never again be quite the same; and soon, what little left, most likely entirely gone. Gone--in a very painful, lonely sense; but in another sense, I feel brighter and far more optimistic as I realize that, though life and people often fall short of expectation, my desire for love, due to expression, regardless of misgivings has been strengthened till someday will draw to me a heart's full satisfaction."

163: "The creator loves us…and never abandons us. Abandonment is an illusion, which we have power to see through with greater spiritual development."

164: "We need not be subject to Cause and Effect, but in fact have dominion over all. It is often repeated, "Sometimes we cannot see the trees for the forest"--however this is only because of where we have placed ourselves to stand, and really has less to do with the forest and more to do with attitude and positioning."

165: "Queer thing about helping others, giving of yourself--when one gives in this manner, one does not have less but increases self-worth by multiplies."

166: "We are born to learn, to evolve to ever greater knowledge and compassion. Trials are not for suffering, but to dismantle the old for wiser and more fruitful configuration. We are Gods--sons and daughters of the one God, offspring of The Divine. We live that we may bring forth greater expressions of God's Love into the physical for of man."

167: "Please, someone, throw me an Ark! I wonder if Noah had a weight or quota? Or some other limit I have yet to fathom? At times I feel one of the animals left out--busy jockeying between too much sun and too much shade, in a deluge of both I cannot understand."

168: "Random bonds can cause life...yet needing something far greater to insure its healthy survival...."

169: "I think some of life is timing beyond our conscious control--some great force provides what we need when we really need it. And then often compels us in directions we would not dream on our own."

170: "At times we are all vampires of sorts, exchanging our needy bites."

"...reflections of
mean nothing
when the heart
kept in cold shade;

for the heart sees
and responds in kind
to light only,

in the spring of its own
allowed gleaming..."

172: "If one feels a need to sing-then sing!--though the choir may be out to lunch and all the pews empty. Thus we sing for Him, Who is always present and our filling beyond capacity."

"think of all I am not
[ blessed in this ]
all I don't want to be
[ again blessed ]
Too often we think of ourselves and others--as to worth or achievements--by simply recalling what we seem to have accomplished, excluding often perhaps the greater, all we have avoided becoming."

174: "It is difficult to forget what the heart has known. In truth, the heart never forgets nor lies…it is not the world's measured turning but the often erratic motion of those dearest to us who cause heartache and confusion."

175: "The most binding slavery can be that of memory."

176: "Lofty dreams are foundations for a better reality; if not, at the least they are a filler of hope which has sustained many through some very lean times."

177: "Poetry is poetry, and if it needs further explanation it is not--as should life be no less or more than living. In my mind, if there is other redeemable value, it is for someone greater than I to say. I just write and live, hoping I do honor to all works."

178: "When true to one's Higher-Self one is true to God and His others."

179: "The important thing is to be who you are...and that will always satisfy those that really matter."
180: "Love should not be selective…if it is, then it is still just learning to love."

181: "When looking at the present or future though the past, we are not looking at all. We are simply reflections of what once had opportunity to be, but we killed or allowed others to murder in us. Life if shown to the fullest needs more than reflection; we need to step away from the mirror, and become an image of Free-nature, autonomous from the looking glass--a medium of enclosure."

182: "Dark and light are both illumination--evil is entirely something else."

183: "Age, perhaps, need be relative to years--but certainly also can transcend time."

184: "There are no cowards who succeed in love."

185: "I have heard it all too often, people speaking out against war, denouncing the sad state of affairs, while in the same breath assailing with derogatory remarks aimed at one side or the other. There will always be war as long as people protect the evil in their own hearts. If there is to be peace in the world, we must first make peace with ourselves…and this starts by unloading the weapon of the mouth."

186: "Politics is a noble undertaking...but a Godless career."

187: "Things can always be said later if need be...but it is impossible to take a hurtful thing back."

188: "Live the now...for all thought and action culminate in the middle--the rest is just moving toward or passing away from...."

189: "Understanding the human heart--soul of people--is a never-ending process; always something new to feel and write about. As we grow in wisdom, we also find ourselves ever-more convinced of a supreme being--past reluctance a product of spiritual ignorance."

190: "The gaining of knowledge is not acquiring answers...but leaning what to ask."
191: "Perhaps we are closer to Source when realizing that aloneness is not the absence of God, but the uneasy sense of being stranger to one's self."

192: "There are some themes and forms we keep coming back to, like favorite wine, friends, art, etc.--I believe it is because all our outer associations are reflections of deeper, driving personal interiors."

193: "Fear is sometimes so personal--that even we approach it at times as if a lost stranger to ourselves; with trepidation squeaking open an ancient monastery door in the wee hours of a full-moon night."

194: "I think we waste too much of life waiting. Many of us have made a negative career of it in a sense; and now that I am older, I have learned to follow a more direct path--seeking out and exploring only the issues of interest to me. It is a waste of precious life to wait on people that are late, and then may not show-up at all--and definitely I have learned not to wait on time itself, often oblivious to my dire needs or circumstances--Life's commandment, to be ordered."

195: "No idea is new, in so far as all ideas have always been safely tucked away just awaiting discovery. And at that moment of discovery, new to the discoverer, in a real sense comes forth entirely a new creation from unique association. The reason for this can only be that, each of us has an individual relationship with God."

196: "It is the giving of the self that makes a monetary gift a thousand fold richer by example of the heart willing to share what is most precious to all of us, a sense of our own worth in presence."

197: "There is no such state as complete rest anywhere. Even while we sleep there are changes to us and our environment happening. It is best to keep alert as is reasonable for the moment, therefore as much in control of destiny circumstances will allow. As for when out of control, at least know deep inside that, this same power of unrelenting force given to one's seeming adversary is the same power that is behind one's own unquenchable drive for new experience, and has never shown even an inclination to stop evolution toward an ever more brighter and enchanting world.

198: "Woman is indeed the vessel out of which all manifests for this journey we call human. Man is the will...but woman is love--that Divine spark for purification elevating sentient feeling to immortal love fulfilling God's intended purpose."

199: "I can't be all gloom and doom, no matter how the world tells me. Like most folks, I have had my share of great-highs and abysmal lows; a good sense of humor has helped me keep most elevations and deflations in healthy perspective.

200: "Easy to be real--it comes so naturally…as does love, if we stand out of its way and allow it to do its loving thing, to flow and out of us, effortlessly."

201: "Sweet and pleasant is the easiest. We humans expend far more energy when making ourselves sour and bitter."

202: "On many occasions my Mind is the only element that will listen to me (with guarded reservation)--Lord knows my wife, children, grandchildren (neighbors, government) (I hope not God) at times refuse to even try to make sense of my ranting. Not that I'm a bad guy, but I sure all-too-often can be unrelenting and therefore, exhausting. Give all a break, please!

203: "The Soul's journey is that of Enlightenment; to consciously express that which we are the unknowing source of, releasing the freedom of, spontaneous, correct living-unfoldment. We have been cut-off/out (imagined separation), our hearts and minds entombment by a Lesser-ego. There are infinite possibilities always for the Spirit's pure awakening...if we hear the clear call--it is always further illumination toward perfect Love."

204: "Grass seems always greener and fresher elsewhere for some...but such superficial mind-set will in time trample on all. Thank God, though, for His resilient nature--love unconditional. From His fountain of love within comes forth a gracious allotment of time, allowing our inevitable new mind-set which awakens the soul for enlightened transformation and discovery."

205: "Truth is what it's all about. I can entirely respect someone with whom I disagree--but never someone consciously lying to my face."

206: "Speak goodness--even if the hearer's mind for now is closed; with time all souls naturally learn to listen, and respond in like."

207: "Sometimes shadows are preferred; for out of the glare, with the edge and necessity of seeing not quite as vivid, too-bright things can cool into softer, more easily recognizable, clarity."


208: "Well, if tears have brought you to this place, be one with the joy of such perfect flood. For what gets left behind are not only simple debris, but also sediments for pure poetry."

There is one thing
I am certain
even God can't do…
and that is--to stop loving.
PS: I guess it is my public statement to God that, no matter what I feel or say at times in frustration or anger, I know His love and ultimate tending to my well being is unending."

210: "The best from love's experience is never entirely gone though a parting of ways:
Love being profitable to the spirit, from honest expression, there is always a positive remainder regardless of the outcome. Though a couple may have squandered a golden opportunity for life-long companionship together, on deeper analysis, after loss has been dealt with, one may find deeper capacity for love and new found understanding for succeeding in the future.
211: "By forgiving, savoring what was good while letting go of the bad, then all that is left are positive accounts, and the love attached--giving you your best chance for a brighter tomorrow."

212: "Writing is never lost to inactivity alone--not for the seasoned writer; he senses the unconscious as well as he knows the conscious; spiritually realizes that art can build silently beneath the surface, like a volcano…and then this great collision onto paper making the wait well worthwhile. Worst than inactivity--may it be with art or anything else, is to force from the heart that which does not flow freely out on its own."

213: "We create our divinity out of our own Divine Substance. God and His creation are inseparable. It is all about consciousness.

214: "Memories--ah! If not for them, where would we have been?"

215: "Writing is a great outlet. And one of the most beautiful releases is the art of creating poetry, often having been my fly-to-heaven when most else has failed me."
216: "Nothing really changes outside ourselves."

217: "Goodbye can be the most difficult compound to say...."

218: "Oh, I definitely believe there is a right and wrong...but I also believe, not one of us sees anything in its perfectly pure state."

219: "Our experience of birth is not coming into life...but that of many timely awakenings."

220: "The spirit is in the blood while also the blood is the spirit manifest--for the living universe is our outer garment while also our heavenly form when accepted apparent."

221: "We reach soul by way of the mind, the intellect introducing us first to the spirit; then our feelings, the nerves of both, lets us know what is real or not by way of pleasure or pain. Right or wrong seldom enters into deeper analysis until a high enough plane of reasoning. Discomfort and prolonged suffering often starts us on the journey, and the miracles of forgiveness and love send us further along for these are rooted in the heart in ways that often defy logic."

222: "Revenge, striking out, is the instinctive way our flesh retaliates in response to disappointment and suffering, the dominant environment we have actually wrought entirely for ourselves by exercise of a totally Free-will. The world weeps when the soul weeps. It is Heaven's way instilled in our spirit-genes and their manifest body, that of the universe. The light igniting our suns is the same light that ignites all imagination--makes us stop, look up, and take extended notice. At last, struck with profound wonderment, we adhere to the sky only, transfixed as though on intravenous; flowing into us a warmth of presence in such reviving ways as to go miraculously beyond the sense of our eyes and the sucking nature of our skins to a place of complete surrender by way of atonement--but, while expecting penance, we are greeted only with greater love."

223: "We are always learning the way of the heart, for it is the rightful focus of an ever expanding universe…and there are always love-surprises, like the discovery of even greater warmth found, often when least expected, while in the cold shadow of seemingly utter aloneness."

224: "Know that your deep commitment to love is the pure sign of a poet…and as this process progresses, always improving one's own nature and, therefore, that of the world for the exercise, will project out of you ever-greater diadems of wisdom and beauty."

225: "I don't consciously plot-out a writing before beginning, letting things just happen as if a massive dike broken by the run-off of a great storm. So, if a work suggests a lot of pre thought, it is after years of contemplation by learning, but the freedom and aftermath of a moment's gushing release--a spirited force as if from a roaring river of inspiration and not the tickle of an anemic stream. I guess, that is part of the fun of being older, trusting one's instincts are solid enough to most always produce something worthy of interest and the execution. I enjoy more for having gained fearless spontaneity."

226: "As one is understood by the self, understanding will come from others. We are magnets of our destiny."

227: "To give something greater chance to succeed, from the onset decide on all-or-nothing commitment. If one is not ready for that, expecting little in return, thinking enough fulfillment from the mere act of giving, it is best not to start at all. Only with large quantity of inner-self committed, drawing from the deepest personal wells of resources and inspiration, will the heart bring forth unique worth--which is a vested soul.

228: "Controlled Chaos...that's the secret. We are double-minded. In fact, there are two sides to every aspect of being. The task is to know the spin, then to position one's self so as to control both the top and flip-side. It is not a question of moods--or right verses wrong--but one of Timing. Love, music, everything has sound with measured movement, though not always consciously recognized and comprehended by the senses. No earthly power or force can divest itself entirely from Timing."

229: "God is a creator, and not a killer. All disease, natural calamities--even death itself is a product of our own lies. It never fails to amaze me, when people think falsely that God, at times, orchestrates for us
less good and not greater abundance."

230: "To say that love is forever somehow does not always fill our longing and need to be held in the moment. Rapturous Mother Nature tucks us to a degree, but there is a portion of caring that only another human soul can sense and reach, satisfy enough for our immediate world."

"We are
as much past
as we are
of the future…."

Sometimes I feel
The Brahma Hiccup--
A breath
Stuck somewhere
In the passage
Of in and out...

233: "Most effective thing is prayer. All things start with prayer (concentration, meditation). When we pray we work on the invisible to transform the thought patterns of the world. Most folks do not have access to the ears of those in positions of power who can make large and immediate changes for the better, but prayer can bridge many otherwise impossible divides."

234: "...if it is yours to share in, let it go, be free, and it will come back with the same gift of freedom personified. Freedom can only be given…but returning by Free Will is to own it. Freedom is one of the few things I believe it is proper to own (another that comes to mind is Love--they are our divine DNA."

235: "What is real is spirit; and the beauty, immortal. All else, this world we have forged from steel-like human wills, is meant for transformation, for eventual passing into higher vibration of experience. Be a conservationist--yes! Show your appreciation of all nature. But realize these extended senses are meant for evolving toward greater conscious relationship with God having no other lasting value by themselves."

"There is a sunrise
For your eyes only…
And you know
What goes into a star:
All the thens and nows
And an endless off far…
Imagine the elements-
The eternity to count them;
With God's love the greatest;
Each one of us a solar difference--
Whether planets or not
Individual preference--
But the presence of every self
No small focus of light...."

237: "While we are spiritual beings, having a human experience, it is never occasional. The breathing in and out of Brahma does not mean that creation is remade over again in like or similar appearance--even remotely alike creation never need be duplicated--and never is. We are on an upward spiral, always to greater glory of experience; so while we are indeed spirits having a human experience, it is infinite. Spirit is never separate from physical. Spirit is substance of a higher vibration. All physical manifestation is the product of a Light-archetype--not in the sense of a blueprint but more of a continuation, higher vibration of an infinite whole. The earth and all its elements, including creatures, are spirit form of lesser more dense vibration. The evolution of the earth was always with the intention of developing a form for our soul-consciousness to live as human, that we would experience outright a world as sentient beings according to conventional understanding of the term. Our desire to feel as human is the substance and purpose of this earth. All earth substance from the get-go was created for our purpose (with our input). In fact, experience is inseparable--all one with God if fully conscious."

238: "Too often dangers are submerged until one sinks to the same level. Listen to The Voice of Experience."
239: "There are certain affections that defy change--unlike those of shape and color (even dimensions); these are Love in all its purest forms."

240: "The breathing out and breathing in…but never too and from exactly the same places. Love is so beautiful…it is the only think I have found consistently better."

241: "Most folks try to adhere to light, but truth is always, in some respects, a ways out in front of the best us."

242: "I have given up on myself many times in life, where as God has always hung in there for me. Thank You God!"

243: "Speaking, of course, from my own experience, often my attempts to rationalize have led me astray of truth and not closer."

244: "That which makes us strong in spirit invincible, I believe, is our greatest weakness/strength--deep abiding love."

245: "Of course, thinking myself primarily an artist of sorts, the subject of art in all forms is mostly on my mind. Love of art colors and words all my affections including my faith. I often think the process is the most important--the act of contemplating while doing, and seeing close-up thus experiencing that same divine operation in others. This is why Plein Air Painting and writing in groups can be miraculous in themselves beyond the works produced. I believe during such practice we are closest to the spirit of all and therefore dearer in the minds and hearts of one another."

246: "Sadly people often look outside of themselves, expecting from others what first must be born in their own hearts. One needs to let-go of the past to have a truer view of the present--and then begin contemplating a realistic future."

247: "When thinking of the heart broken, sometimes I feel quite old, having lived such suffering, realizing the heart's special pain one never shakes loose of entirely. And then also feel young, thinking of new stars, and how the failure of one relationship can be the foundation for the birth of another, lessons learned the transformative light for love ever-more complete and satisfying."

248: "A chance for fulfillment over every crest and in every new swell for those who captain well!"

249: "The secret: not to be quick to criticize; and, when at all possible, respect and appreciated our differences; be truthful in all things while not forgetting compassion. The greatest treasures are loving sentiments of the heart when freely given."

250: "My written works are an invitation to participate and share, in truth believing that alone I know nothing. I think axioms are false in light of the fact that nature is always in a constant state of change; and being is not outcome but realization during process."

251: "The older one gets, the more one learns to trust the heart. It is the mind that deceives, parading roses and wafting scent; but the heart is pure as its creator...greatest when spontaneous the expression. Too often we mistake the soul for the heart."

252: "I dropped everything in my mind, to fully listen and feel."
253: "I will need to write in the mind only for the next few hours--sharpening my points at red-lights."

254: "Love is all around, a memory in our genes. Not to feel it to some level requires willful rejection. Even when not consciously aware, so called subconscious, in the depth then of one's being a dark decision is made to reject that which is natural and necessary for matrix with harmony if there is to be any state of sustainable reality."

255: "Indeed, God alone is, as if to say, pointless, if ruling the self when there is nothing else. And to lose One's self unselfishly as His Own creation is to experience Himself intimately as The Ultimate Love giving all."

256: "I guess all of us wear masks or costumes of a sort, to fit in--images we are able to manage…ones society will accept. Of course, they are never us at the core--drivers of the soul that making each of us uniquely different creations. I think this is the point of life, and the art of living is to learn somehow to transform, not ourselves but our environment--the very air we breathe and ground we walk upon--by some spiritual alchemy into a universe entirely of one's own reflection (one we populate with essences of our own individual beings). I don't believe we are out there for each other but inside with each other, separated by illusion (of an evolving universal soul). From each of us will come forth a universe, of One Inseparable Whole while at the same time of infinite variations never to repeat themselves exactly alike (of One while entirely separated at the same time). It is difficult for humans to grasp such a concept because we always think in terms of, either or, up or down, beginning or end, when we should be thinking in realities of: either and or; up and down; beginning and end simultaneously. It is the finite growing into infinite awareness."

257: "We, as human creations of God, have been given access to all His powers (created in His image). We can create (or destroy) anything through focused will. When at our best we are creating blessings (as the angels); but when negative we become as devils, judging by the man-made atrocities of this world. God does not know evil (all Light), yet His knowledge is omnipotent (infinite possibilities). What we manifest, through the use of Divine Mind, and thus choose to live, is our experience of humanity (Free-will)."

258: "Above polarity (cause-and-effect), in the realm of pure essence (God as Himself) everything and anything is possible--all manifestation is one of conception (attitude). Think perfection."
259: "I pray our blossoms immortal. I know you, very similar, more than many understand the beauty my eyes have beheld to the joy of divinely loving."

260: "I've painted myself into many a corner, then the thrill of discovery on the way out, looking back and admiring my prints as if they were art. Maybe they are--maybe we all are the transcended art, our mission to see that beauty in our own path and the path of others."

261: "Sometimes love, friendship needs to settle...have time to cure; to get beyond the ingredients to something of substance--worthy enough to be classified a Top-shelf product."

262: "I try in my writing simply to be a doorway for myself and others, hoping to pass so to explore our own uniqueness. Each of us is a universe worthy to journey--no two alike while potentially equally beautiful."

263: "I think there is one realm, and the divisions are levels of consciousness. What we want to see, what we are willing to see, and what we refuse to see are all connected and the positions are as many as there are minds. We are all looking out but there is probably just as much for looking in. I love those rare moments when looking out and looking in seem not to contradict or even depend on the other in the sense of support--moments when we truly know ourselves to be divinely connected and effortlessly belonging."

264: "Men and women have both feminine and masculine traits though many are unconscious. Such mysteries are fascinating, in the instance of woman reaching out, seeking that soft delectable feminine core so well guarded in the male, often entirely hidden but not absent, that draws her as if to her own flesh and soul for deeper embrace (as does the man less inclined to see for himself so clearly). "

265: "Yep, screw it all, and live till there is no more left. And then let the earth or some Higher Power come forth uncloaked and worry about it. I don't think we are here to solve the riddles of the universe, or smooth-out the crinkles, but here to write poetry and live the music."

266: "What the heck…better to have tried and failed than to sit on the fence and all one has to show for it is a sore ass."

267: "We have a spiritual connection with our parents--and then later with our own children. While we are individuals, we are soul connected (later affinity realized with all of creation), members of a greater family body that goes on forever in consciousness and changing form. This infinite relationship, extending into a truly unlimited, mystical universe, is always redefined, in essence, by new consciousness willfully allowed to light."

268: "My works often flow in a torrent out of me, like a deluge; or steady absorbable rain; or refreshing drizzle that I sit and poke my tongue out at to taste a nectar sweetness. Sometimes I am washed away…and sometimes simply left buoyant, in a place of peace and discovery. This is my favorite suspension, somewhere of being with a flavor of newly becoming."

269: "For me, it is all about the heart. Bring the heart into harmony of love and everything else, mind, body, universe fall into right place with little attention."

270: "It is all about seeking and staying in the eternal moment, not taking into the affair anything of the past, not even fondness--but allowing that same first attraction to someone you entirely adore, that mystery one never truly understood but knew to be so correct as if not to question the source (sort of like meeting and touching God for the first time) from the onset, to take control body and soul. It is a depth of trust that can only be present and experienced in the arms and under the eyes and leadership of the greatest love."

271: "At this stage of my life I am quite proud to say, if you took the capability to give love out of me there would be nothing worth mentioning left."

272: "Some see Poe as being too dark, where as I have always thought of him and his life as quite noble and representative of the human condition, struggling to bring forth our spirit-nature of Divine light from a densely shrouded physical form."

273: "What could have been--perhaps should have been…one never knows the future. So live each moment as if the last…life far too precious to waste on the foolish and self absorbed unable to give for their endless reasons."

274: "Believe and all things are seen new in one's self, and therefore, in creation. It is not a process of finding as much as turning loose, getting rid of the blinders. They come in a variety of forms: negative people, dark memories and suffocating places."

275: "Always a joy that quaking moment when sense of renewal or new birth. It is like the discovery of one's own comet for the first time streaking across the heavens; or a dormant volcano that springs to life beneath us, and somehow we are miraculously spared, hurled into the air, caught by a cloud--or a simple meeting, nothing obviously different--and yet with profound sense of fascinating relationship beginning."

276:"Though the mind and body weary
the absolute mystery
keeps me young"

277: "It is why we write poetry, paint, do photography, make music, in fact, in truth that we breathe is for creation; nothing more precious to us as those moments when we feel one with all and in the process freely."

278: "God lives in, and through His creation. We are never separate from God, He having created the universe out of Himself. People sometimes ask me, what is the image of God? My reply, look around you, look where you cannot see, and then add all you can imagine…and then infinitely more. Therefore, we are co-creators with Him. The only thing separating He (He, She, Them, it) and us is consciousness--our Freewill denial or acceptance."

279: "I know nothing. I only ask. And if I do not bore myself and others with my writing, at least I say I have accomplished this. There are no greater moments, than those occasions of rare sparks of light, when we sense greater connections than where we have been and what we have been taught by others."

280: "What we see on the outside are reflections of the within."

281: "I really have to struggle to get back to when I did not understand, and all of life was a burden. Yes, there are still challenges, but they are all centered on how better I can serve to help humanity, and not the quest for a fancier car or larger house. I have nothing against wealth--no poor man every signed payroll checks--but to have and not be willing to share all to better humanity…well…then it is not true wealth, is it? The real challenge is to overcome poverty of spirit."

282: "Like separation from each other, the spaces between atoms are just an illusion of the heart. In reality there is only the separation we will and maintain outside of the heart."

283: "Sometimes I have felt born to the wrong family--an intoxicated seagull (no available drunk storks) low flying splattered me through a couple waves on the way to the chimney. I guess some of us just never quite fit the mold of others, or their routines--and the other side of the mountain is a Universe of crossing."

284: "The ego of the individual, the ego of nations and the world all so closely related. What we see on the outside (looking at the world with Ego-blinkers) and what we are on the inside, accumulated memories of our own Ego-experiences and those remembered in our genes (which we often act out seeming beyond control and natural even when violent and debase) are all part of how we portray ourselves and create our universe (close and expanded). The correct method is having the courage to deal with life directly from the Heart-of-love, in the moment; not governed by the past-teachings of others and their negative vibrations, a confounded sea we must navigate if to be truly afloat and master of our own ships and direction. Great writing is to put a lot in a compact space, to become a fount of new and positive thought for those willing to read openly and then seek beyond their own reefs and breakers.
Seeking is not the answer
if when we seek
we are looking for things that are hidden
and therefore focus on barriers…."
285: "To show forgiveness is good...and strive for greater degree knowing all good lives and is magnified in God."

286: "While we cannot separate ourselves from God physically, in the sense of earthly or star substance, we can separate ourselves spiritually, in the sense of mental (conscious) awareness. Jesus was totally aware, the Pure Son of God living outright manifest. This is our example and destiny if you accept and follow--not as mindless sheep but brother and sister of equality."

287: "When we are not conscious of God, we are not conscious of where we come from and what our profound relationship with creation is. I am not totally conscious of God. I am but a babe on the path. Even was I further along there is only so much the human brain is capable of understanding at this stage of evolution. There is a God that, at this moment in time, is completely incomprehensible to man. The most man can see at his present level of development, is up to the 7th Heaven. From there, when the mystic looks off, nothing makes sense. Not even confusion. The dimensions of God are infinite."

288: "God is conscious of everything, being everything; but man is given the freedom to wear blinkers, or evolve in awareness. Man can exist as a self-imposed cut-out ego, or develop consciously one with the creator, seeding thought into physical, expanding forever. Only man thinks (in the cut-out ego sense) in terms of either or--beginning end; God has no limits. He even creates new experience for Himself, out of Himself, infinite and yet infinitely more (a seeming paradox) which is very difficult for a human to logically grasp. He creates new everything unlimited (from already everything unlimited) out Himself-infinite potential. And yet, all that could be is already known to Him. With us, it is either or--up down and so on. With God it can be up/down at the same time--beginning/end at the same time. Birth/death combined--a new dimension of miracle experience."

289: "When called a perfectionist, for my rewriting and writing, I replied: If all my works are not perfectly-write...I want them, to the best of my ability, to at the least be perfectly-wrong...."

290: "I so love the dark hues of Poe's works. In my opinion, he was a warrior for control of the soul."

291: "Indeed all that we experience on the outside is a reflection of what is inside of us. And love is the prime player: either the presence of, absence of, struggles to understand, triumphs and failures. Elements and disciplines are representations, in one form or the other, of our Source. The universe as a whole does not simply have enigmas in common with man, but is a larger kaleidoscope within the greater affair of creation we share together."

292: "Living in the moment, and, perhaps, at times looking ahead (we dream first) is best. Regardless of attention, the past is always the past."

293: "Best to look at the big picture…and the little pieces, in time, will all fall into place on their own. Examining the dots, to fine tune, to discover the whole is futile. Sort of like being in the wave and not observing the sea, its relationship to the earth-and so on."

294: "It is illusive…you are beginning to learn…just when you think you have, a bit further out of reach. In time many give-up--and just teach."

295: "Nothing has value if not acquired through love. When I think of all things I hold dear, it is the act of loving that is most precious. Even when I fail, the heart feels full for having loved in the process."

296: "Best is to be open and honest; it is God's way. If anything is kept from us, in the way of love not realized, or destiny unfulfilled it is because our eyes are not first opened to God, focusing on His love and with faith in His way starting our days."


Want to find love?
Checkout the book;
Don't like to read--
See the movie;
Don't like to look--
Learn to cook;
Never met a loveless chef.

298: "I for one have had a good life. And it isn't over yet! But I do not measure good by how much laughter or how many tears. Good for what I have learned about love."

299: "A feeling of aloneness: In a sense, we are born this way, with a merciful illusion of comfort--our parents. But from the beginning, it is us and God, finding our way to relationship with His All."

300: "It is all there, past and present; in our DNA configuration--the very essence of chemical bonds that make up our bodies. It is no accident, or romantically contrived mind connection, that when we touch the substance of opal, or a tree, or feel a rush of wind…we attach more profound connections than surface or tactile. We share the same spirit--we and those infinite chemical potentials. What we do to nature, we do to ourselves. What we allow nature to become, due to good stewardship or bad--we are. We and our world are an organ of an even greater Universal Body, sharing the same crosses and sunshine."

301: "Faces are as fascinating, more so, than the rest of us. Sometimes all that we are at the moment, or wish to be revealed in a single expression, seen clearly by someone wanting to care, far away from himself long enough to open to another's apparent soul."

302: "Your thoughts can make or break you--let the God of love join with your mind, and partner with you."

303: "I have met or rubbed shoulders with, so to speak, some very brilliant people no longer with us--people, in their time, that had shown bright in the public arena; people whom many would say were great, having contributed so much for the betterment of society--and yet, toward the end of their lives each and every one of them said candidly, "I have accomplished nothing." I think, this is the greatest lesson we can learn about remaining humble, and unconditionally loving-one lives to serve God for the joy of serving with no reward in mind. "
304: "It is a fresh breath to get to a point in life where one is not driven by desire, and therefore owned; but participates merely for the joy of participating. This is not to belittle the worth or impact of any particular one--or the weight often attributed to greater society--but simply to smooth down some of the bumps of ego, allowing for the sense of free flowing, as if riding on air. The human spirit, left to its inherent mystical devices, can be a magic carpet."

305: "Any system, political, religious, personal relationships are only as good as the consciousness of the people involved. All systems, to some extent, are going to reflect on the outside what is deep in the heart of the people or culture. The answer to a better more loving, sharing world will never flow from a system, political or otherwise. But if people are to have a chance at developing in that ideal direction, they need to be as free from political tyranny as possible."

306: "An unnamed shiver passes through the mind and over the heart--one does not entirely forget the tragic loss of love; even when long enough since, so to speak, irreplaceable a space amidst all other warmth remains cold and barren in the back of memory. Thank God, in more ways than one, for the unification wrongly called death."

307: "Some poems wise…and some poems…thank you God for the edits!--though often met first by my reluctance."

308: "There are times I find black and white photos far more interesting than living color; a certain simplicity that makes me wonder if God made things so complex…or it is all us in a yet not understood way?"

309: "The Capitalist is no artist by nature--just feeds us…."

310: "I am not fearful of money's influence over politics...what I am fearful of is stupidity...."

311: "When the heart no-longer writes the soul rusts--the mind alone has nothing to live for."

312: "Love never changes…just people…."

313: "Sometimes it is a stretch to find humor in the life; but I have always found, even when not successful, I feel better from making the effort."
314: "Perfect as it is--the expression of love: For unlike most other things, it needs no improvement; no polishing or repackaging--needs only be allowed to show."

315: "Watch birds soaring and sinking; frogs jumping and flopping; film in the air--phlegm in our throats…it is the canvas and perhaps legacy of the human soul."

316: "For some the loss of a loved one is a lifetime of mourning--it is up to the individual. But the separation is temporary; and love we are never separated from; the author of love ready to heal all and make it perfect again. If only people understood just how powerful we are--and that pain and suffering is all our own construction and not that of a psychotic, light and dark god."

317: "Our Spirit-Source speaks to us constantly; if one does not hear, it is not due to a problem with the Creator's Voice--but with one's own freewill-ears."

318: "I have read many seemingly brilliant philosophies, exquisitely written, but ultimately void of spirituality. Without the element of spirit, understood and present in a work, the work is simply arid intellect. The world is inundated with arid intellect…really more than we need. Arid intellect always, in final analysis leaves the soul dissatisfied, hungry and desperate. It leads to abuse by corporations and science; leads to nations warring on other nations. Arid intellect alone, no matter how appealing an idea may sound on paper, will not meet the needs of the soul nor spirit. People of true faith and understanding, do no harm of any kind. Individuals or religions that do are delusional."

319: "Into the woods I go: faith had only stopped me…but the drum of the soul beats even above my fear, moving me forward. I have learned, for myself anyway, I would rather leave the devil I know (have learned to deal with) by chance to find, not another malevolently worse (though a real possibility), but a self of wiser more beautiful magnitude."

320: "Some darkness may just simply be unknown to ourselves while light for others; and the creator of all has an infinite supply of sunglasses and matches, which he uses with wise discretion--though we may not always understand at the time. This is where the greatest wisdom enters: even greater than faith is LOVE. It is man's and Heaven's shared oasis in both troubled times and good."

321: "(30 pieces of silver): Besides the obvious, referring to the Bible and betrayal, the message is: not to worship the physical-not an indictment of wealth, for God's wish is that of abundance for all; but it is an indictment concerning lack-of-faith, affirming that God and spiritual matters should always take preference over monetary concerns. It is a direct statement revealing the spiritual nature of both poverty and freedom. The reason there is lack in the world is due to one's self and/or associations (government included). Poverty and sickness are never God's judgment--the creator wishing and willing always the best for everyone--worthy or not. The seeming neglect of the individual or particular group, while showing favoritism toward others, is not God's way. God has given all of mankind the ultimate freedom, that of freewill. We not only fashion our prosperity in the world but create all that is apparently good through individual and combined projection of focused will into experience. He has given man complete freedom to make of this earth a heaven or hell…and yet, most of us first look outside of ourselves for fault when things go wrong--and turn to foundations, movements and political leaders who ultimate fail. If we desire change for the better in this world it must start with the individual-in increments--one thought at a time."

322: "I guess it comes back to, how one looks at the world, "the glass half empty or half full": Frankly, I'm a half full guy, and glad of it. Take the Oil Companies for argument sake. It is an industry that employs millions of people worldwide. People just like me (though I drive a truck for a living); people who put in an honest day's work, which at the end of the week gives them a paycheck to bring home so they can feed their families, and send their children to college--a little left over to buy a few toys--one of them a computer; which I do not use primarily to write and publish derogatory statements on subjects I know nothing or too little about. But back to those evil oil companies: Billions of people would have frozen to death last year worldwide had it not for their disgusting, polluting product, which, if not for, otherwise would have taken every bit of rain-forest to accomplish the same heating-task. Oh yes, but there are supposed better ways to warm homes and propel vehicles that are none polluting! There may be. Thousands of universities, world-wide, at this very moment are doing research into just such futuristic methods. Many of these universities are doing that research because of free grants given to them by oil companies--but presently the alternative technologies just aren't there yet. The electric vehicles, for instance, in some ways the materials that go into the production of the batteries, along with the methods needed for production, are as toxic, and perhaps more so--the verdict is still out--for the environment than that of oil. But I know, no matter what I say, there are many reading this looking at the subject from an entirely different perspective--"the half full, half empty syndrome…." And I suppose those people are going to throw their computers out after reading this; sell their motor vehicles, then ride away on a bicycle to live a pure life atop a mountain--your preference but not mine. I would rather stay here and work for healthy alternatives while not wasting time and energy demonizing the present providers."

323: "Having to be right…I gave that up a long time ago, with my rules for poetry and my art manuals. With music I am still more of a traditionalist, but do have my wild impromptus. I think we sometimes tweak perfection to imperfection, destroying the joy of spontaneity, acceptance of the moment for its here beauty, always trying to make something better of it--living for change instead of enjoying, some very nice, almost effortless natural moments. It can be so nice to have a blemish needing only scratching. So nice to scratch another's itch and be scratched! If the same person, and a back, the two must be embracing--can be not only soothing, but divinely stimulating at the same time. No matter what the place or reason, minor itches can bring us closer together--God's gift of irritation perhaps?"

The nicest present
Under the tree
Is the Christ of God
Offering His Salvation
With love for eternity--
The nicest gift
Given back to God
Is the Christ of God
Embraced by all man--"

It is God's Song
The baby sparrow
From his broken shell calling;
God's Song--
The infant
At his mother's breast
Angel' harps
Between blossoms
Golden stringing, playing--
The apples patiently listening
Waiting to sing along
With God in tone
His green
To ripening song--
God's Song
By Him Alone--"

Those that live as asses
Are nearest to fertilizer:
Bad germs are not evil--
Just opportunists, like cats;
Will take what is available
In the way of prey--
But unlike cats
Preferring healthy meals,
Germs feed on the ill
Of body and spirit--
We are what we ingest:
What we see,
What we hear,
What we think
Becomes us…."

327: "You have are a beautiful spirit…recognition of the Father is the Infant of Christmas."

328: "I often think--know--that the first dream is the real; followed by illusions--our corrupted explanations."
329: "Passion for something is proportional to soul, but it only brings good when guided by higher spirit."

330: "I was told my words are hateful...and perhaps the teller was right--he and I should look more deeply at our own."

"I do not hate
For the word is wound
To the sender
More deeply than
Any recipient,
As the soul responds
In kind to affirmation…."

332: "The human spirit is resourceful, and can always find a way to draw at least one star back into a seemingly abandoned sky."

333: "Speaking of questions: if love is the answer, it is all I need ever know."

334: "A confessed drunk, openly prostitute, lost man--the way I read it, Christ did His best work with people like us."

335: "(Physical light, while a representation of divine light manifest to man, manifests according to our consciousness, in direct relationship to our point of progress as we evolve toward higher vibration of being. I have touched divine light, and though hotter, beyond imagination, there is no pain and only a sense of pure love. Yet if we come too close to light in our physical world--well, I am certain all of us have been burned more than once. This is not a contradiction of light and love, but only a sign that there is much yet for us to evolve before experiencing all our strength without weakness.)"

336: "One does not become a Christian, especially the devout kind that is willing to die for his faith, because of something he has been taught in Sunday-school, or by his parents, or something inspiring read in a book--even a book revered enough to be committed to memory. One is willing to die for faith because that faith has become a deep reality speaking to the heart throughout the day. Unfortunately, all those voices are not good, and too often the listener is tricked into evil behavior. Test what your heart tells you before acting upon it. "

337: "We are the universe; and not till one stops clinging to the near can he or she step back far enough to get the greater picture of the all in one."

338: "Not only do we see things as we are…our vision affects the outward scheme of others. "No man is an island" nor his window in and out of the world a single view through his eyes alone."

339: "Great just to be light, and just be, once in awhile. The friction often not that of the world but ourselves going against the grain of natural experience."

340: "Love comes and goes for all of us...I liken it to sleep."

341: "Saddest when the heart no longer believes its imagination...."

342: "Respect your thoughts; they are vehicles with cargo for all ports imaginable…."

343:"It is not science
That keeps us informed
And safe,
But a loving God progressing us
Despite our ignorance--"

344: "Whatever one needs to prosper and be happy in life, can be acquired lovingly. If there is no room for love in the process, then there is a better way."

345: "If it can't be said in a few words or, at most, a few carefully crafted lines, chances are you do not know your subject."

"We are all love
Until loving hurts…
Forgiving until
Forgiving hurts--
Christ loved and forgave
Beyond the hurt."

347: "The mystery of love? I think it is all mysteries in one…and the only one worthy of solving or failing in the process."


"The wiser physician knows
The mind beneath
The heart above--
The greater healer
Not the temple of intellect
But the temple of love--"

349:"Love is the "Law of Attraction"--no greater force on earth. When one becomes the master of love, one opens his spirit to receiving (which leads to physical manifestation) full abundance; and to master love, one needs first to surrender all to the spirit of love."

"What if God
At first
Imagined Himself God?
To later find out
Simply I Am--
And thus we follow
Where He began…
Through time to find out
All is I Am…."

351:"I think the reason why I choose to believe in reincarnation is because I miss the rapturous firsts."

352:"When in harmony, they are one in the same, intellect and love inseparable. There are no secrets from love...all knowing of infinite expression....."

"As I love and seek
To awake that love
In you--then I know
By someone somewhere
I am also loved"

354: "I like to think that I am part of a large family (the majority of members not so different in most ways): and most of us can relate, regardless of culture and language, to the same basic heart of feelings."
355: "The ground will know the blossom for as long as there is ground, in and out of sleep in God and us…but the blossoms of poets are immortal constants…."

356: "As I have often thought, when measuring the conscious sum of one's journey in life thus far, one should not only take into account all that one has become (to be) but all that one has avoided becoming (not to be)…."

357: "Sometimes I think there is nothing but love…while other times I just think…."

358: "To focus on something is to give it real space and added power. If it is negative, banish it! Rid it from your mind and thus soul forever! Whatever we entertain in our minds and thus hearts we eventually live with as family."

359: "Too many think art needs be always painful labor, forgetting instinctive beauty that occurs seemingly almost all of its own with just the least prompting by us. Instead of manipulating or contriving it is more like equal participation."

360: "Imagination is unlimited. In some of my works, imagination is enough--everything in fact. Other works of mine, however, ask if there is a truth independent of the personal ego? And then if at some point we find ourselves empty in the way of substance having lived mostly lies? As with all my works, it is more the asking of questions as opposed to professing answers. I usually tell myself, after all is written of my heart I find that I know nothing."

361: "I suspect God felt this when he created the rose: Omnipotence, the summary of all art!"

"Space--God's body the invisible;
Time--God's receptacle not exclusive;
Creation--God's body the formative;
Christ--man's freedom and dominion;
Karma--Cause-and-effect, also known as the Law;"
363: "Nothing has meaningful value if not a product of love. And after all is said and done, the best left behind, what sustains and refills humanity to overflowing abundance is the essence (core substance of all life and matter) of love. In fact were everything else cleaned-up, and given the necessary polish, I suspect one would find love that had been perverted and misused or foolishly rejected and discarded."

364: As Shakespeare said: "The World is a Stage "--and I would add, we, when playing out love, are at our best performance.

365: "Love is God's greatest metaphor...."

366: "There is a spiritual nature to humans which is meant to be consciously enjoyed--and the entire package, physical and mental personality, seems to be representative of a spirit-archetype exhibiting individuality for the unique purpose of experiencing creation by ever greater knowledge of the essence substance (infinite body of God)."

367: "Rapturous Mother Nature tucks us to a degree; but there is a certain longing, a portion of caring that only another human soul can sense and reach, for full satisfaction in a tactile world."

368: "A moment of pure love is a bliss for eternity."

369: "Due to that which is preconditioned in us by past experience, stopping one from true personal-living at any given moment, EMPTY is the absolute ready for being filled unobstructed. Practice silence."

370: "Why does life always seem to be oscillating, to one degree or another, away from balance? The answer can only be outside of time. Time will always have ebbs and rushes, the lack of balance a necessity for evolution. God, The Timeless, is complete and perfect eternally."

371: "Sometimes better to dream awake."

372: "One can never get beyond any pain and suffering, attached to the memories (the spirit), until one forgives entirely."
373: "Transparency--seeing through and beyond, limited only by imagination."

374:"All souls, with a little extra dust,
are not necessarily immoral deserts--
could just be artists
As all fire breathing entities
are not necessarily demons incinerating
art needs its critics"

375: "One finds out in time that any of the lesser ego is vanity, even that which on the surface seems free and harmonious. Here we are back with a primal longing for the perfect Source, realizing now that oneness with Source is never a loss of individualized experience but experiencing truly as the greater all infinite. One arrives here when back to fully empty and entirely silent. Then comes the rush!"

376: "I have never felt entirely content anywhere at anytime other than when in the presence of Source (one can't explain such places and times to others, but knows well enough for self); nor have I ever had an ultimate sense that I was ever created to settle for less, destined to make limiting choices or concessions. So I live imagination, and cherish and nurture imagination as my ultimate rocket-ship to anywhere in and out of time and space expecting real experience unlimited."

377: "The answer to all questions inside of us, even before asked."

378: "No greater time than a moment of opportunity."

379: "All our answers inside of us--with bow and ribbon--even before conception."

"We see less what is
And more what is looked for--
The focus and not the lens,
The object subordinate
To the mind
In fact, the soul seeks
Before the physical responds,
All lumps till we will make
Our loving connections
We love both good and evil,"
381: "Pollution starts from within."

382: "Rebirth into the beauty of a perfect moment stretched to a day--Oh! it is yet so, and just a short life away."

383: "...the turning of each stone for well-rounded meaning and beauty; listening as if each sound pressed deeper into the air until an indelible symphony recorded; flowing with the wine of streams, all the drops gathered to vintage memory--despite the overcast, darning each day a new garment of dawn mended with threads of golden sunlight...."

384: "I think good is rarely misunderstood…more so unconsciously rejected.

385: "The language of the infinite: for truth it is indeed beauty, as the soul immortal only knows its spirit unfolding eternally into greater light."

386: "It is not the hand of God (nor concept) that insensitively rules and crushes hope and dreams for prosperity and love--it is man that misinterprets, distorts, using such principle to justify all that is not for selfish control over others. This is not the fault of the church but the fault of those who wrongly represent it and do more harm than good to the souls, minds and hearts of young people whom they claim to heal and guide."

387: "I love to walk in the rain; for me it is a deep cleansing beneath the surface where the tough everyday grime settles--that greasy stuff of the city that hardens the heart worst than fat."

388: "Inspiration is everywhere, and most of all in the near things of everyday life that most of us overlook or take for granted. The overly decorated or contemplated is God with paint on, like smearing lipstick and eye-shadow on Mona Lisa."

389: "To be an atheist, one needs to intellectualize; to believe in God, simply open one's eyes."

"Einstein was no Einstein:
The greater myth,
That which we live
Sometime starts us
Away from truth
The first reality for seeking…."

391: "Man's love, whatever the form or relationship, will always lead, at some point in time, back to crucifixion of the heart and soul. Only God's love sustains."

392: "A sad reality, 99.9% of being human is supernatural, yet secular universities brainwash young minds into closing that door of experience for a lifetime."

393:"To see the soul's light
When the dark smudges
Lifted away,
With love always there
Unfettered now freed to ray
Divine emancipation…"

394: "I have found the ghetto as much an attitude as a place. Sadly, we are not purely loved and nurtured by our parents but also we are their experiments both successful and more often failed. "

395: "Better than O-negative, love is always positive--no greater Universal Donor...."

396: "I think all things distant and great can be seen in all things near and small…if one is daring enough, and has faith to imagine them within one's reach and grasp."

397: "Tell you the truth, I hate change myself, yet if not for the altering tides, not all pleasant I admit, pushing me I would never make any new discoveries about myself and the world outside."

398: "kitties, cats that is, do have minds of their own. Never know what nor when--and just when and what you decide, they do the opposite, like Jekyll and Hyde."

399: "One can only see God through the science of spirit-unfortunately, science does not recognize the science of spirit-sort of an oxymoron in my opinion, seeing how spirit is the basis for all physical manifestation. I think…and I see pictures. It is proof enough. Science sees my thinking as chemical electrical impulses. Who is wiser, the one that sees or the one that interprets what he cannot see?--the one that lives and experiences or the one that merely observes?--one cannot be alive and not feel the presence of God."
400: "For sure, sincere doing speaks volumes. I think this is why good art and writing is often revisited. They are invested with spirit, an omnipotent source."

401: "Nothing stands still, therefore we know nothing beyond the moment."

402: "Taking dominion of ourselves resolves questions into answers. Each of us has the birthright thus duty to use individual talents for humanity's greater glory through leadership by love."

403: "God harms no one, condemns no one--it is our own freewill consciousness that attracts and repels. You are the child of omnipotence."

404: "Really, no image leaves us entirely, after it has been seen and loved."

405: "Smoke, very much like spirit; it can take any form…hang there, float in a particular manner and place--or travel, dispersing into infinite journeys with enchanting destinies. Letting go, one does not always fall in the wrong direction."

406: "Time heals all wounds"--nevertheless, depending on how deeply the soul is hurt and the personal resolution, it could take several lifetimes. I choose to heal as soon as possible despite the added pain of accepting unpleasant fact. Why torture one's self when nothing can be done to change what has occurred, whether tragedy or treachery? As much as the soul wants to linger, force your consciousness beyond.

407: "Sometimes make-up is not to attract but in fact a wall (a defense)--shinny and decorated armor."

"The Drowning of Love"
I sit on a perch
Of rock immovable;
A wingless bird
On an ocean-breaker--
Sea-washed, looking out…
A constant flutter
Without a lift
Toward the horizon
A distant mast
Between the fore
And aft of me--
Where I am
And where I long
To sail, just once
Above the waves
Of course, one could say
As the usual ship
"Take the plunge!"--
An absence of wings
No excuse;
For clouds are flying
Having made with the air
A way--
And thus, with the sea
If not a compromise
To keep you dry,
Stay on the surface
With the sky
Close to the sun
Never sunk
Or extinguished
In his sentence
The sea, indeed,
A prison of sorts
Whether above or within;
On deeper inspection
Both the jailer
And inmate captors
For neither can leave
The reflection entirely
One in body periodic
The other in mind
No absolution
That which we refuse
To free
Whatever the lesser evil
We own to the soul
And there is the rub
If no escape
The eventual drowning
Of even love

409: "Beauty is always to strive toward; and truth is that beauty we can never entirely reach...."

410: "...the heart is everything…not speaking of physical presence...but where the spirit has been (in and out of love)--where it longs to be is the essence our real universe...the only one to ultimately matter...."
411: "One refusing to dim can make light of even the darkest universe--keep shinning for us all...."

412: "Better to have lost love than to have never loved at all." Or something like that as I remember. Looking back, I am saddened greatly as to how I have handled my gift of life…a lot I would change. Not so much the pain I have caused myself stands out, but the pain I have caused others. In reality, it is far easier to forgive others than to forgive one's self, but we must start somewhere--let it be with others leading to the world at large…and then sit down with God someday and hope for the best...."

413: "Kids today think yelling is singing--want instant gratification with everything; refusing to take time to develop their voices into true instruments and not lethal weapons."

"... to say:
Or, out-of-time;
Is to deny
All those things timeless
Following the human spirit
Time is not immortal,
But things like love
And generosity
Should be
And can be..."

415:"They say, he found God
(A changed Man)
But God was never lost?"

416: "I love the metaphor of ocean, the clean sweep of salted air. Now I live in the desert but when I was on the coast, often I would go to the shore and just sit, refreshed by the ocean breeze and splash. Ah yes, the Sun! Foolish to try and see him eye to eye, head and shoulders above all within our reach--but one need not see directly to know of light and warmth, no other earth experience nearer the divine."

417: "Hopefully the next earth will get it right. We are a fallen planet, which is one of the reasons why there is so much distance between earth and other inhabited worlds, so not to infect them with our lesser ego.
If one thinks of dark as potential, which is what seeming empty space is (truly there is no such thing as empty or distance between) then all is light and potential for light, the divine trust of spirit to know and live infinite good abundantly."

418: "If only the anti-poet knew the reality of years and energy in a short write. It is a lesson for life, to be merely written by others or transforming, the individualized alternative."

419: "Most things are obviously terminal, but I refuse to believe that of love."

"I fear not
what I do not
for what I
do not
yet must
be love…."

Is the impetus
For all seeking,
And too close
The prime

"Nothing worth a labor
If not conscious
When the breathing
In and out"

"...I cherish nothing
Not worth
A giving...."

424:"...too many today bury their loving eyes into visual drifts of modern technologies, and their better ears heaped with the twang-sounds of lesser electronics, abandoning strings dearer to tender listening..."

425:"Love is knowing to the heart because love is closest to God's nature. That is why, even during the best relationships, while living a fuller life on many levels of experience, the soul yet senses lack or separation (a lose)--hunger for something greater. It is the desire to get nearer to ultimate love-back with our loving God in His Heaven."

426:"The God Particle"
I can't say there was ever a time I did not believe in God; but I can say that there were times when God was a vague concept; certainly, to my mind, not a thinking (creature/it) being that I could speak with, who replied to humans on any basic plane of mutual understanding. For the longest time I believed, if It did exist, that It was some indescribable force, outside of human understanding (for It did not think or communicate as we do), a force that somehow made thinks happen, or is behind creation, but in an arbitrary, random way…yet things do seem to (by chance) always develop in logical (when reasoned out scientifically) and meaningful ways--but if so, could this be a personality-less, random force?. Then things got so desperate in my life, I tried prayer…and it worked. I have seen cancers removed from stricken people, spot from a lung, a marble size tumor against the brain gone, without a trace left after a prayer session--I have seen prophecy come true, experienced mind reading over long distance, traveling with the mind to distant places, describing the place and precise people as if I was there found to be precise on later verification. The firm skeptic will say, that all mysteries someday will be explained logically, as have other mysteries from our past as science caught up. I could reply, that sounds no different than blind faith, when science finally finds the God Particle…and its says, "Hello, I love you." Comments pro and con are welcome.

427:"Proof of God"
There is proof of God--it requires awakening an inner, sixth sense; a spiritual consciousness, that when allowed to express speaks to a believer throughout his day. An unmistakable rapport between God and his listener! I laugh when I hear the statement "Blind Faith". Most believers come to believe, not because of a lack of trying God, but because God has proven himself to the individual in unmistakable ways. Ways science will not even attempt to explain because it would require senses they are not prepared to grow-up into.

428:Wonderful to walk with spirit, seeing through the phenomenon of everyday image to the spirit archetype behind physical manifestation. Even after the rose wilted, past its prime-time of blossoming, one sees only extended perfection when close to source. As in old age, the love between lovers really deepens to eternal. No wrinkles in the pure heart.
Expect no truth,
for each will have
his own--but live
the truth
Or truth will have
no home….

The marking
Of territory
Is a spray
Like excrement:
Not divine order
Or plan--
Without love
The only
Of animal
And man

"God Is Science"
God is Science
Tangible and real
the mystery is
how little we see
and the answer is
an eternity of

432:"If there is truth and greater beauty in anything, it must be in all of us together as the source."

The will (masculine) drives
the mind visualizes
the soul (feminine) gives power
and the science of
evolution is born.
Such awesome magic
from nothing
to potentially
From sleep
to awake
from God
back to God
We are like
the stuff
of stars
all of nothing
and nothing
into all

434: "Artists, most scientists, architects, men and woman of vision in general I think share that one thing in common of the soul, creativity must come before the self."

435: "Thinking of little petals in the pages of life...not hidden or lost, but in fact, immortalized for the careful and thoughtful placing. From the dust of petals roses return fresh, despite their laurels of thorn."

436: "Of course, this is my way of thinking, therefore of little value or nothing at all may be its worth for others…but if it would hurt the hearts of many, as opposed to just self and perhaps another, then the greater expression of love is to suffer in silence."

437: "To see and not judge. To embrace and not capture. To love the entirety, that is, to love with grace of forgiveness--"
438: "The sea is a wonderful place to rest, reflect, commune and embrace the invisible that we all are. The sea takes and listens: soothes as it flows, never out of contact with itself and the contours of its journey. Never-ending swells and downward glides; and if inclined, one can leap from crest to crest, across the silence and greater void, and when fallen short, a new crest moves beneath, as angels or the omnipotent substance of dreams fill each gap for the inevitable rescue. No, we are not singularly as large as seas, nor vast as earths and their teeming multitudes--far greater, we are always, and all yet to come."

439: "Eliminating the footprint of the Lesser-ego (a heavy step)--to-know is to never-know. I'll take to-be over to-know any day...."

440: "The older I get, the less I want to know…but the more I want a capacity to express love. I'm satisfied with the trade-off...."

441: "When I write, most of the time it is in the evening, when it is quiet, with less glare of the day. I generally write in bed, the lamp dimmed so as just enough to see…I use a pencil so not to deal with ink stopping its flow--as intense light can sometimes be too brilliant for softer, more retrospective visions. Closing my eyes often, as the artist painting, squinting at my words….. The less we see, sometimes, the more our other senses can tune to the miracle of each as a specific gift and treasure."

442: "If one wants to see the face of God, just look around. Look at everything visible; also take into account that which we feel; then add those things that can be imagined. Now add, all that is collectively unknown and will forever remain as such. Love, of course, is the seamless fabric of all--once we stop our shredding."

443: "The heart already knows what the world is yet to learn."

444: "The rhythm of the heart, the music of the spheres, they are not so great or too small for comparison--from one seed of love, sincerely spoken (the code broken and the poetry released) comes forth romance worthy a universe and all time."

445:"Youth its own light and discovery...."

446:"Time is a truth no one has lived to falsify..."
"Life is not
Only a living--
It is a memory
Adhered to
The soul…"

"We settle for weakness
In place of omnipotence
Man's oldest Olympic
That of shifting blame…."

449:"Someone always trying to shame or blame someone else. And if blame put in the right place, it is generations of examples, brainwashed into our genes. It is the rare man or woman who will take full responsibility for his or her own actions, and then be forgiving of himself and others."

"The day is but a prelude
For the night's worth
of dreaming..."
451:"Unlike divine others, more at home with balance, I try not to fix everything and everyone around me."

452:"I have learned to value love above all else. Therefore, for me, the impulse is to express intimate passion, whatever the subject that peaks my interest."

453:"I have met people greatly admired--my thinking, they had done mountains of good in the world despite overwhelming obstacles--to have them tell me, they have done nothing. Now, nearer the end of my journey, looking back, I realize the human impulse to doubt. It is not for us to judge, but to hang-in-tough, trusting in greater love and wisdom than our own."
454:"I am amazed how it is repeated, time and time again I see it with entertainers who destroy themselves and politicians who wreak havoc on the very society that trusted them, voted them into office--there is no room for anyone else once at the top--and that is devastating for the human soul, regardless whether one is a believer or not."
455: "Generally one finds that, the musician, artist and poet are one-in-the-same, sort of like God fractured into countless religions and philosophies. Truth--somewhere in our combined searching…while remaining outside the realm of human understanding."
456: "We don't always make the best choices…but there are orchids of other possibilities--that's why I like taking a walk after lunch, and taking a drive on the weekends. Motion in itself can bring positive changes we are reluctant ourselves to entertain when still but not open and empty."
457: "Indeed, few realize that we mostly reactionary. I live for that eternal moment of bliss-experienced, thus far, only while making love and poetry.
458: "For sure, the spirit of Christmas is often lost to material things. I went to visit a friend in an up-scale neighborhood. Lights everywhere, giant Santa-the biggest, bet mine is larger, displays of size and glitter beyond imagination…but not one Nativity. Just put mine out on the lawn this morning. No artificial light, but still inherent with illuminating, after 2000 years, for those who would dim their own to truly see."
459: "Even aging seems a form of growth somehow makes sense...."
460: "Nice to come to a point in life, when being in love with life is enough…."
461: "I honestly believe, we are here as much to change ourselves as that of the world. And perhaps the self should come first?"
462: "Regardless of moods and circumstances, stubborn at times in unimaginable ways, the forces of nature never allow us to stand still indefinitely; eventually, things do seem to work out for the best--though, for some of us, it may take many lifetimes...."
463: "If not for outside things and other people, we would know nothing about ourselves...."
464: "If truth be known, beautiful nature is really ourselves expressing externally something we strive to be internally always. Nature, good and bad, is the mirror image of our own soul development."
465: "I laugh at (not disrespectfully) man-made Global Warming alarmists. Mother Nature conceived in advance all that she has created and put on this earth. There are no surprises for her-and even air pollution is part of her plan. In fact, she is a polluter herself, with the myriad of species and their rabbit-like proliferation, ever evolving."
466: "I love Silence-practice it almost daily, filling with conscious awareness of divine love and presence. It may be silence, but it is certainly not empty, for only then can we hear and feel God active without the static of lesser ego. I so feel sorry for children today, thinking they need to be electronically connected at all times. It is really a disconnect of the most profoundly injuring kind…."
467: "For sure, parts of being humanly wonderful are our infinite aspects which are in constant states of transformation. All nature, from rocks to trees, has this in common with us. I struggle with the tendency to overly dominate…not that this is right or wrong-however, it is nice, now and then, to be still and silent while looking about, finding things in myself I can see no other way."
468: "Two kinds of evil in this world: those who kill in the name of God...and those who believe in none...."
469: "After viewing a great portrait of musical instruments: Sadly people do not realize how our minds are like records--not always rightfully discriminating-and record what we hear and see regardless of content. The entertainment industry knows this well, as do the makers of commercials-as do politicians and educators in the US who have brainwashed an entire generation into blind obedience and submission. The more something is heard or visualized, the deeper the groves and more difficult to record over. Sounds and sights begin to take on dimensions and personalities all their own, making the owners of the minds and ears mere robots, to cough up predigested programming, never realizing they are little more than mindless slaves. But the soul knows. We are born to be independently creative, so the soul responds unhappily, with drug addition, surface sex, and severe neuroses."
470: "I think, somewhere in the myth of living, if there is a square earth, and a precipitous end, it is not for those who bravely sail the uncharted but for those who go through life merely, safely navigating-avoiding whirlpools of love; cowardly fearing depths and out of control spinning-always steering away from the Siren Call to the point of excluding from life mystical islands of sheer enchantment and intimate beauty."
471: "I ran a Nonprofit for many years-dealt a lot with senior citizens (Yipes!-I'm one now.) often thinking how many were still capable of teaching, and what a waste of energy to be farmed-out and treated as burdens and not treasures. Just yesterday I was watching some young men, maybe 15 or 16 playing basketball across the street from my home-today old white men keep their distance from women and children they do not know for fear of being accused of most anything-and I commented to Ila, my wife, "Such a waste." Here I am, unknown, with a knowledge of writing, art, Martial Arts, Weapons, body fitness, a musician, singer, Mystic, worldly with advise I craved from adults when growing-up but could not find any fit mentors. Fifty feet away…and yet a world apart courtesy of Liberal Politics."
472: "A picture is a thousand words," and I think words can be reduced to a thousand pictures letting the images speak for themselves, each viewer with his or her own unique perspective. Economy when writing is saying more with art to be cultivated.
473: "A good itch is prerequisite for a darling scratch."
474: "Now that settles it!-after reading another poet's beautiful metaphysical work, now guiltless and certain in my decision to sit quietly (in silence), indulge in music and sights of spirit, the outer dimensional passions ultimately sought by the soul for conscious expansion and eternal enjoyment when the body trusts in something greater than the obvious moment, bravely stepping out of its survival mode."
475: "Christ, God, does not condemn us-Freewill is the greatest gift…or curse…depending on how we use it."
476: "Beautiful lines and color, use of negative space! Life is a spell (for myself anyway); and the daily chants of birds and marvelous rituals of manifesting color and ever evolving form I appreciate and see as the greater magic of creation-God's rabbits popping out of hats for the common man (my favorite) to marvel and applaud, while Atheists (Oops! I'm insulted another religion) and pure scientists (Kirk to Spock! You are also human, meaning deeper feeling) try to spoil it for us all, as they have limited their own imaginations. Imagination-a universal portal for endless transfiguration and enchantment!"
477: "Tables in particular, of all our furniture-how they are set, how many chairs-tell a vivid life story-the one chair a heartbreaker."
478: "When right with God, each of us is a majority of truth and beauty."
479: "Not blind suffering hearts, I can see why many people would want to give-up on love, refuse to think about it--but that can be very difficult, if not impossible--for at the very core of nature, love is what we are."
480: "Basic, animal instincts are sort of like a heartbeats--they can be controlled with concentration, but it takes a trained mind and heart."

A brief finger
can dominate
the moment
of an entire

so use
your hammer
whether carpenter
or judge...
482: "Winter-just being cold?-but to assume of the cold air and surface frost that there is no depth of nurturing warmth and beauty is to assume that all strong and dutiful men do not weep and feel the pain of strangers as well as loved ones. We do not go to war for honor and glory alone-honor and glory are the core-nature of all good men…but, more to the point, Good Winters' (both men and woman) sacrifice their lives for the Spring of all Countries wanting only a chance at freedom from Totalitarian Rule as God wants his children to be ultimately free from Lesser Ego and its Satanic dominance of greed, insatiable lust and violence. "

The truth is
To quiet
And listen
But never
Press to hear;
As with seeing
It is
Opening of eyes
But never
An image expected
Too clouded;
As that said
Into the dark
Can steer a ship
To rocks
Or light a heart
With fondness
484: "Life should be totally about the moment...for nothing else is real."

485: "A person can feel free within a monogamous relationship if knowing that the supply for giving and receiving love is infinite. It all depends one's priorities; for free to roam may be only an illusion of freedom, the shackle that of fear to commit."

486: "...every art is a story; and every story is a life with its creation...."

487: "To err is human...." That's what I love about being human!--God can show me mercy denied Himself.

488: "We, ourselves, are the true canvas for all expression, both good and evil. Truth be known, evolution of the form and the spirit are one in the same as is the very earth and air we breathe."

489: "Sort of like a polished stone: after the exterior roughness formed as protection worn away, the jewel that was always there within (I think even before birth) is revealed again in its natural perfection."
490: "I keep reminding myself, that I really don't know anything, and should always ask questions."
491: "Time to get rid of that sundial you've been relying on. Too many wasted clouded days."
492: "When opportunity knocks, it is best to answer for potential of rewards. Opportunity comes for that reason…and to tempt into wrong-but they are both teachers for ultimately positive transformation. I hate that nagging question, "What if?" for lacking courage to confront. If destiny is to be fulfilled, it needs individual and societal conscious propagation."
493:"Imperfections add to the character and can add to the beauty. It's what makes us divinely human."
"Life is not bitter…
only the fruit
if premature,
or the sweet
in its ripeness…."

"When I was younger
I sought to know:
What am I? Who am I?
Now I am pleased enough
To just still be an am I:))"
496: "Sad how the world continues to complicate itself, when the unraveling happens effortlessly and automatically, when in harmony with Natural Law."
497: "When in contact with our true nature, that of love, nothing negative can reach or shake such foundation. It is the moments of distance that wind and make taunt. So, like the crystal, which responds to undivided light more brilliantly, our human shells are of all colors, and harmony not easily reconciled. One must dissolve into the other-which requires the highest submission of blending…that of divine faith in the outcome of opposites. It is what divides the human race politically, socially and ethnically, for we fear the loss of one when taking on the other, instead of joyfully, and immediately embracing transformation into a greater whole."
498: "Most of us really do have a key to unlock from isolation or keep shut in. The choice of duration or if ever to be free is our own."

499: "Success and beauty are already created in side of you. One just has to learn the art of letting it happen."

500: "Basic ingredients when fresh always the best outcome for the palate and heart."

501: "Most of us have the ability to overcome-I do not say everyone, and in every circumstance, for I realize that there is illness and tragedy, abuse of all sorts making life very difficult at times to reason rationally. Personally, not to distract with detail, I have had forty years of, for me, what seemed a hopeless, living hell. But, after studying the concepts of Karma and Reincarnation, most of all-Freewill, and from some unknown place realizing belief that no Good God wants or has ever planned for any of his creation to suffer-I believe, on some level, we are all entirely responsible for what happens to ourselves, others, and the earth in General. And the solution is Simple the same for the vast majority of us...though Simple does not always mean instantaneous relief. It means far more, to the lasting beneficial: it means forgiveness of self and others-forgiving crushing obstacles. Once that occurs, the greatest weight is lifted. And the spirit is able to begin to soar. Firsthand I know physical and mental pain can be unbearable. Know that my convictions are not without personal experience, though I am certain that many have suffered far more."

502: "At this moment I am on a high…tomorrow, who knows?-still today, I will soar, piercing the summit of those waves I cannot surmount and ride, coming out the other side, perhaps a bit sorer, but a lot more refreshed for the soaking."
503: "Love never changes: what changes for the better are those who continue to practice is...."
504: "I find as a species, our focus too much on the physical-while imagination is our limitless creator and ultimate reality. The universe should be blessing authors before scientists…as for politicians, hell has a special place for them."
"As far as finding God
For me it has been
a process of getting rid
of my own junk
the blinkers I have created
keeping me on the wrong
506: "The pool not only captures it emanates…the reflection and source an eternity in waiting…."
507: "Yep, not easy to buck the establishment. Let them have drugs and poetry (art), the poetry to vent and the drugs to shut them up when realized the deck is stacked against moral and meaningful change. Then they drop out, to quietly stew, staying within controlled lines, till the end days comforted by their mysticism. Avoiding the cross, sadly they have given up the good fight."
"When one feels without
it is simply touching;
same when using the heart
without soul-conduction-
soul, the spirit
love, its higher presence."
509: "It seems like, everything I do or have done, somehow began or ended up with a write from a feeling level of consciousness."
510: "Not that dreaming isn't good, but too often the ribs get cold and beer gets hot, with nothing more to show for it."
511: "I would settle for a nameless god, if all were love."
512: "Indeed, how much does the individual matter to the greater stream of time? For those of the silent majority, painfully aware of the suffering in the world, not enamored of material things, always uphill in their heart's effort, was the journey worth it, if not the prize of heaven?-or, enough for me regardless, living the sheer joy of loving God."
513: "Silence is a way to hear creation as God hears it, before the often faulty human editing."
514: "Children see truth in love regardless of quantity and cost. If pure love is in your heart, it can only bring about good. There is no such thing as too much or too little--Love will make the balance."
515: "As for truth about individuals...people do not always call you by who and what you are, but, more often, by who and what they are."
516: "To err is human…" and so on; while it is good to have discernment (too often confounded with judgment), I try to remind myself, that no one sees reality truthfully as God sees it.