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"Racism" (by Joe DiMino)

The loudest objectors
Are often the greatest offenders:

Racism!—one vulgar sign
In a crowd of many
Yet, the critic
Observing will respond
As much reading the echo
Of his own heart: “All
Signs are Racist”!

America elected its first
Black president;
But many now fear that
They may have elected
A Marxist
To the highest political office
In the land;
This is not a racial issue
(America a mostly color-blind society)
But people more and more feeling
The burden
Of excessive government
Are now having
Second thoughts
As to their own reasoning…

Descent people!
With legitimate concerns!

Freedom loving Americans—
Home-grown along with many
From other nations
Thanking God
For being allowed to become
Naturalized citizens
In a land with great opportunity
For all:

People who have greatly suffered
In the past firsthand
Dehumanizing existence
Under Communistic rule

Eventually to flee

Owning little more than
The clothing they wore

And now, after years of hard work—
Having firmly declared this land
Their new home—
After acquiring their share
Of the world-coveted “American Dream”
Increasing fearful
Of apparent Political trends
Emerging that led to sickness
And poverty
Back in the old country—
Ask for open debate
On the subject…while
Marxist manipulators

Continue to falsely accuse:
Destroy the Evil Rich!

Which those more
Experienced in life
And therefore far wiser
Realize is the same old
“Ass Warfare,”
Sinfully inciting “Class Warfare….”

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