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"Resurrection" (by Joe DiMino)

There are two lights--
A Greater and lesser light:

Light of within
(Source of our spirit-being);

And light without
(Manifesting to physical
What God created radiant
For seeing)--

light of interior glowing 
Rising to Sun
Of Outward-showing;

Each of us a brilliance
Illumination from within
(Truth--our brightest image)--

Reflected and established
On the screen of time
Our colors sublime--

In meadows of opportunity overflowing;

Polychromic hues
Of our minds and souls--

The textures we call living,

All of God's love
Bearing fruit out of His
Unlimited yielding--

For all will come
To light;

Our torch-like presence
Dispelling illusions of dark;
Veils of night aside;
Mystic sustenance endlessly
We come forth revealed
In Glorious light to abide--
Entirely liberated
We Sons of god
A throne
Will be given--
Forever with us
With Him
As His heaven
To reside….

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