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No part of this poetry should be reproduced in any form without written consent from the author, Joe DiMino, who retains all rights: contact

"Saw You in The Candlelight" by Joe DiMino

Saw you in candlelight
Author of a new flame—
Saw you in candlelight
Could write no other
Name; such silhouette
And features…oh the
Heart to tame! Saw you
In candlelight, only
Candlelight to blame…

Saw you in the candlelight
Atmosphere has power indeed
No other lines could I read
Your poem so dearly written
Doubting a salve could sooth
A heart so deeply bitten
Feeling young again and
Smitten: dinner, wine
And music—moonbeams,
Romantic strings on old
Guitars!—saw you in the
Candlelight…now the
Morning after, but yet
To shake the stars—

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