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"Secret Places" (by Joe DiMino)

There are secret places
Only children know--
Private places they go
When grownups
Shut them out--
With words of many syllables,
Or short ones
They shout;
Little ones, frightened and confused,
Hide in dark corners to confide,
Their trusting spirits bruised,
Speak to dark corners
No other safe place to abide--

What's your name?
A friendly voice asks:
Nice of you to come
Let's play;
Your mother often visited
Before going her adult way;
And your father came
He never said much,
So we held hands--
I named flowers,
Cloud-shadows passed with a sigh--
Never staying long,
I saw to it
Generally just a short cry;
Oh the good times we had!--
Till my corners grew
Too small--
Now they don't fit at all;

But we can play
Laugh and sing
No one will hear us inside;
We can dance
Imagine Ferris-wheels,
Music and lights
Well into the night--
No one will awaken,
Please don't forget me,
The others grew out of sight;
Never forget me,
This little dark corner,
Where your child will always be,
When grownups
Make you flee….

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