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"Seems So Little Time" by Joe DiMino.

There seems so little time
When thinking of all the time
It has taken us
To find one another;
Find each other
While ourselves
In the vast progress
Of where to look
And what to say
Of our footsteps
And the memories
If any
Meant for keeping—

Yet I hold to you
Perhaps in defiance
Of passing nature—
Our moments shared in love
While the aging process,

One drawing ever nearer
My heart
While the other
Losing its grip—

I think of the last leaf
In the forest,
The withering moment of realization
With the implication of all
Those that have fallen to the ground—

A last leaf
The last green forest
And perhaps the last of this world
I have come to wear
As a first skin—

I think of a world of forests
And our similar fates;
And our equal prayers,
The woods for endless
Even when not in season
And I
For endless love
Beyond these speckling forms—

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