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"Sing With Me" (by Joe DiMino)

Sing with me,
The words will come
If we begin--
The moon knows
Love's tune,
And plays along
Full-bright for Lovers' song;

Dance with me,
The earth nurtures the patter
Of such happy feet--
Gaily keeping vibrant-time;
A tripping melody
Sanctifying Her fears,
Justifying Her years,
Bringing blossoms from
Her tears--
She will go on
As long as we do--
For Her seasons and ours
Are the same--

It is love
That started us round,
And keeps us turning;
Love making music of
Sound and sense
Of passionate burning--
Love, and only love
Sets and rises, our symphonies of
Night and day--
Love, the reason
Why we continue to play….

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