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"So What Are Stars?" by Joe DiMino

So what are stars?

Distant gleams—
Millions of miles away
And just as far dreams;

Furnaces for illumination,
Giving us insight
To what would otherwise
Remain impenetrable night—

Cauldrons of chemicals
To keep alien witches
Occupied stirring spells,
Not realizing
They are in the service
Of light—

Evil is cunning
But never bright;

Distant gleams

For wishes

For prayers

For prose

For poetry

Whatever else
Muse eventually shows—

Not to overlook the near ones?

Stars of politics

Of stage—

Even science
Often seems
More brilliant
Than honored sage;

Stars more mysterious
Than the wisest
Can imagine—

Far from statistical,

Far more mystical—

Angels’ candles

Devils’ torches

Many eyes of God
Seeing all….

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