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"Spirit Tells A Physical Story" (by Joe DiMino)

The spirit tells a physical story—
From the shelf of hearing
Choosing its own ears
And eyes, second row across;
And lips and so on—
We are not here by chance
But choice,
Our redemption is being;
The perfection
Is living—
And all the souls
Not mere slates
For medals
Or rebuke—
There is only one
Immortal crown,
And the others
For paste-royalty
And their court-fools
The politicians….
We stand before God
Proud as Individual
He embraces us,
Or keel on cold tiles
Of common Karma—
Who do you know
That has not
Been here before?
I count those lights
On a single hand,
Needing no
Extra fingers,
That one flag-less
Most raised
In defiance
And honored
By lesser man….

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