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"Stay Awhile" (by Joe DiMino)

Stay awhile
The bird said;
Feel free
To share my tree—
On its own little
Plot of ground,
So many wild flowers
All around—
No more pleasant place
Can be found,
Though still deeply
Attached to ground
And yet, the tallest branches—
Airy as sky—
Not needing my wings
To feel feathery high

Rest awhile
If shade
Is what you want:
I often settle
For a midway branch
Within the canopy
Hiding me
Somewhere between
Bottom and top
Half-where anywhere
At times
Can be
A most
Solid place to flee…

Stay awhile
Though I cannot tell you

One moment
What next?!

Nor right from wrong
Most my speech
Less philosophy
More song:
All I can say
If fearing to fall
Having given my all
Halfway down
I settle for a chorus
Or two
Any branch will do….

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