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Steps (by Joe DiMino)

Life is a ladder of sorts—
though rungs
not all sized and placed
the same:

with shorter ones for baby-steps,

stronger ones for weighted steps,
fury ones for steps in winters
for the wooden ones
oh those splinters!…
try to climb one at least
wearing sandals
try to climb those only
having rails
with extra handles—
when climbing in the night
carry flashlights
and not candles
or have flying reindeer alongside
with a lighted nose
When Santa’s at home
warming his toes—
Oh Steps those Steps
those marching steps!
up, down, sideways
in circles around—
God made feet for standing
strong and walking
but too many of us
just sitting
and talking
on telephones
to computers
to TV anchors
to lawyers
with dollar-bills
for blinkers,
too many of us drinkers
with wobbly steps
too many of stinkers
oh watch those steps!…

well, time for a rest:))

all welcome to step in:

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