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"Surely For No Other Reason Could We All Be For" by Joe DiMino.

I think of "Four Seasons"
And wonder: Did Vivaldi
Write them
Or them--he?
Music somehow already
In Time in Air in Land in Sea-
Perhaps music entirely free?

The same of Stravinski's "Petrushka"
With his sad dance:
One can leap for joy
Or leap to avert
One's own puddle of tears--
Was it just a ballet
Or Stravinski bemoaning
Passed years?
At last realizing
When one out of body
Light in spirit airborne,
Falling is something
No one ever again fears;

Oh my Shakespeare!
You are God to me! What blasphemy!
I flinch! I wince! But can't believe
The true God when hears such does not forgive--
Becomes lost in His verse of you and I;
Even He I think at times must step back
And simply adore--
Surely, for no reason else
Could we all be for--

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