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"Taking Orders And Serving" (by Joe DiMino)

I always see first
In contrasts-
You in the light
And dark;
The dawn of me
And the dusk of me,
An equilibrium
Of contemplation-
A swinging door
In and out;
A hinge of discovery,
The right and left we pass
Taking orders
Then dealing with the chef,
Returning on a wing
And a prayer-
Tips are everything;

Often all I have to go on
Is in the light of others,
How they see me or not;
In the dark and light
Of our passing-
The human part of me
Running down,
While the spirit part of me
Speaks a long language
Angels only know,
At my side, pleading a case-
Mine and theirs-
Ours seeking Yours;
Reporting on their tapes:

Shall we tally him
In inches or years?

By the color of his soul?

Or those who pray
At his grave?

He is neither here
Nor there, Your man;

And no matter
How often he says
That he loves us,
He will always turn
And go-

Back to the kitchen,
Back to the table,
Serving, but to
Never truly know

For certain
That You love him-

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