Teddy Bears By Ila

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Black Bart

Bart is 18 inches tall--charcoal acrylic fur, black leather paws; leather holster and belt; leather vest and black jeans. Like all of Ila's bears, he is one of a kind. Bart is $265 dollars which includes shipping.

The Prospector

The Prospector is 18 inches tall. He is one of a kind. Cowboy hat, blue jeans, gun, and his trusty donkey at his side. Beautiful craftsmanship and creativity. He is $370 which includes shipping.

Henry The Eighth

Henry is 18 inches tall, and a true monarch. The detail in his costume is absolutely beautiful. Truly a costume worthy of Hollywood. Too much detail to mention but as with all Ila's creations, if you don't agree with us there is a complete money back policy. He is $500 which includes shipping.

Court Jester

The Court Jester is 18 inches tall. His costuming defies imagination. See for yourself, but pictures don't do him justice. He is $125 plus shipping. A full money back guarantee if not completely satisfied.