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" Tell Me A Story" (by Joe DiMino)

She took-up my knobby old hand,
Childlike said, “Tell me a story…”
So I did: Told her story,
Of a young man’s
Obsession with stars;
Night after night
Transfixed to the sky,
When he should have been home
With his child and dutiful wife,
Should have been home
When she took her life—

And the young child alone
Somehow grew-up,
When he should have been there
But there was endless sky
Yet to roam;
Should have been there
Read her a children’s poem,
Tucked her in
With a loving kiss...
On just such a night as this—

Despite him
She became a fine young woman;
to have a loving husband
And a daughter of her own—
Grew out through the pain,
And beyond
To forgive
The young man
Now old
With little left
To live—

“Forgive yourself, “ she said:
And with the story be through;
I never stopped loving you
I wished
You only knew…”
I kissed her…and hugged her…
Long overdue….

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