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"Tell Me Where" by Joe DiMino

Tell me
Where the living goes
When the body severs ties;
Tell me if 
The spirit 
Brighter glows
As the body 
Sighs last sighs;
Tell me if the church
Honestly lies
(And why the paradox?)
While science religiously 
Tell me Tell me
Tell me,
If the human spirit like
Perhaps the fly
Seeks a higher sugar,
With memory taken
Of all the sweets tasted
Leaves the earth
With little dally—
Rises for
A richer frosting,
Now tell me
Do the faithless
Only die?
Those half-baked
Without deeper warmth
Their heavenly fruited 
Centers scenting—
Never set themselves
Upon a cottage sill
To cool and tempt
A yet to repent passerby;
Tell me tell me
Can the prophets be so wrong?
Preaching off the horizontal
Onto the vertical,
Where men and flies
Ultimately cross
Then journey
Wing in wing
Both salivating
For diviner confection
Above the ceiling
Tell me tell me tell me
Forget the telling
Have not the least
Through humble fasting 
At the Greater banquet
If indeed their be one
Earned some
Delicious tries?

Show me, I said
As did He Thomas
Reaching into the form
At last
To hear my own soul’s

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