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"Tell Me With Your Eyes"(by Joe DiMino who retains all rights) (This would make a lovely song. Anyone interested in putting the Lyrics to music please contact Joe at


"Tell Me With Your Eyes"


Tell me with your eyes-
words have lied;
as blossoms withered and died.
Tonight I need more-
to get beyond the pain;
tell me with your eyes,
perhaps I'll love again.

Some say that "eyes are windows"-
Yours sing of love to give;
I have been a minstrel,
often played to live;
open wide your door beams light
from a house where love abides-
once dreaming I thought
a house built with love
was sturdy on all sides;

Tell me with your eyes-
mine have been closed;
but yours are open wide
and only heaven knows
how sadly love deprived
makes dark the brightest day-
tell me with your eyes
and mine may ask to stay....