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"Tenacious Little Seeds" by Joe DiMino

There are things men do
Requiring extraordinary bravery;
The pugilist
A prime example—
Of which I say
A waste of training;
The hungry fed
By an open hand;

Tyrants overthrown
By selfless
Dying for others
They have never
Seen up-close
In person;
The belts
Or champion rings
Of the spirit
And not the body
Courage has no size—

Nor shape
To duplicate;

Many petite united
Having toppled tyrants
Where Titans before
Sank enormously
In defeat—

Not the volume
Of the heart
But the soul within—
A driving circulation
Admitting no dams—
Action—the deeds
A truer measure;

In retrospect,
All great growth
Not the product
Of advertised giants
But that of tenacious
Little seeds

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