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"The Beekeeper" by Joe DiMino

They say
“Love is a many
Splendid thing!” they say
The one-and-only

Seeming born
To say:

They, the prophets
Of visual art 
And sounds;

Image makers

Music moguls
Getting down



They say. Those contracted
To Commercial souls—manufactures
Of Spectacle-visions
Echoes of plots;

Flashy seen and heard,

But no proof a reality
Ever felt beneath the surface
One sight or word

Scripted lives

All theater

A clothed existence
The many designer examples….

All show-biz—
The main feature,
Of commercial-creatures,
The public pays too much to see
Though in my 
Every-day experience
Giving all fairness
I can’t recall 
One love
That was ever 
Entirely free

Even our Masterpiece God
Having Law-strings
To a written

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