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"The Blame Game" (by Joe DiMino)

Not one dark
Of less value
Than a single
Light—to think contrary
One has not seen the stars
As van Gogh
Saw his “Starry Night”
The greatness
Outside his madness;
Then light
You do not know,
For light exposes
And never deposes;
If yet a contrary vision
One has not
Stood within the shade of roses
Their scent alone
Enough to make
A charmed believer
Out of a seasoned
Blame not dark
Nor Light
For those man-made switches
His reflex flicks
On and off—
Nor blame the currents of God
His DC’s always direct
And never alternating
As his counterfeits below
Into finer copies
Before they
Truly grow
Into all loving
Images…If must blame
Blame Blame itself,
But even here
The Devil as the Devil
Is only true—
In truth
Blame not him
Nor blaming

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