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"The Capitalist--2" (by Joe DiMino)

I make no apology when I say
I favor Capitalism over Socialism,
With all the apparent faults--
For fault is part-and-parcel
Of the human heart and psyche--
On close inspection
Though in different guise
Can be found in all "…isms";

But Socialism
No matter how noble on the surface
(And believe me when I say, I share
The Socialist's ideals) ultimately
Leads to poverty…and then,
Totalitarian Rule;

Socialism destroys
The creative heart and soul
Of a nation;

People in time No longer
Seek to innovate
For a smaller share--
Those dependent, capable
But unwilling to produce
Their numbers growing out of proportion;

With lack of effort
Comes mediocrity
And poverty-
First of the body
And then
Of the spirit with unattended wings--

The masses protest cuts…

The bankrupt government
Responds with reason

And then force
Equal to escalating violence--

In time
There is no choice
But marshal law--
Then even the artists
Are given guidelines
As to how to think and feel--

Free-speech an unpardonable crime….

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