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"The Courage to Love" (by Joe DiMino)

Where for art thou Valentine?
In Thy book of photos—
A blossom pressed between pages…
Ah! Perhaps those vintage videos
With Boyer and Dietrich—their likes;

Perhaps somewhere deep
In the body of psyches
When love was Paramount,
But before the Technicolor
A Yellow-brick-road leading
To the Wizard of Hearts:

So, come Alice,

My bonnie lass—

Let us seek again
That world-wind
And golden path;
With all those characters
Along the way—
Especially our Tin Man
Who really had a heart;
And that Scarecrow
Blessed without a brain;
And that lion
With a mane
His birthright duty
Over others to be above,
While secretly, seeking…
Only courage enough
To love—

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