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No part of this poetry should be reproduced in any form without written consent from the author, Joe DiMino, who retains all rights: contact

"The Emerging Soul" by Joe DiMino)

Truth? I seek to capture
and frame the concept
(satisfied with once, conceding
the hopeless always)
having found past truth
a drunken dove needing
caging for its own
flitting protection—

(a pixilated albatross)

refusing to settle long enough
for sensitive stroking
and wise interpretation…

My kittens in the wind
leap from lap of warmth—
testing my heart

and the hearts of countless
others who seek to live
such fond assurance

nor alone is truth found
in the product of
individual words,
nor in the dawning
mystery of each day,
nor in the peep of
more distant stars—
such stare never changing
to unsettled eyes

but in the shadows
of hillsides and valleys
I find some truth
our deeper darkness…

more see I in globs of mist
that arise,
(foggy spirits both
warn and comfort)
I find it less
in the proper seasons
while more in uneasy variations
making the mind take
fearful pause…

in the vaster universe
of science I divine worlds
(contrived and those seeming
to contrive me)—In my seeking I find
myself as if some electric rod
attracting with magnet current
That which is tingling and alive
though of no
direct line
into discernible nature….

more I sense…

I develop
as film, my focused lens
making needed contrast,
where there would otherwise
be only blinding beams
with no recognition
for neat processing

I seek
almost find
for a fleeting moment
that which appears
a new God Creation
while, yet, strangely
emerging me—

my nature seeming
a vacuum deploring
a sponge thirsting living truth
soaking in and out—

the Naysayer of me

multi-horn victim
for no tangible truth
I have a jealous self
eating away at my heart

Ah! That is the greatest
rub! I seek, only to find
the seeker as its own
protagonist and possible
first cause—

Seek and ye shall find
for the answer already
written into feeling
aspects of timeless
perpetual soul

if to materialize
the echo I keep hearing,

the nearer to nothingness
is the core before

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