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"The Enlightened Cat" by Joe DiMino

Go ahead, eat my food,
Drink my water:
I’m offering to share
With even competitors
Down from the air;
But stay out of my bed,
That’s for licking
And fur-ball pruning,
Rolling up in a circle, tucking my

I’ll tell you why:

It’s because of the old baldheaded (no eagle) geezer
That feeds me;
Does it out of the goodness of his heart—
Seeing how my first master
Went off and left me
Alone to stray:
Wandering from can
To puddle;
Some feast, most often—famine:
So I know what it is (sort of) to
Peck and scrape-out a meal—
In an odd way
Consider all those
Once my quarry
With the fondness a sailor
Feels for his mates—

So, go ahead:
Eat my food,
Drink my water—
I’ll give you a
Halfhearted chase every
Once in awhile—just in case
Other cats are looking (Our private joke)
—careful not to smile
And let on;
But tell the birds
I’m a cat of a different feather,
A friend
In all weather.

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