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"The Ever Climbing?" by Joe DiMino.

Down through a portal
Stranger than Alice's hole,
My white rabbit of youth
Plummeting toward a
A private band of
Golden myth
For magic in a world as yet unknown:
I smile…thinking, "My Precious…my Precious"-

From place outside
Usual patterns of recognition,
I chant my soul
Mantra of unraveling-
A spirit-fabric
For new weaving
Of body with a scrubbed
And softened sense-

This is true life,
The lamp rubbed back
To basics-
No false-face of patterns
Of woven lies;
We are each intricate enough
With features
Of limitless creations;

They are omnipotent enough
Finding within themselves
All meaning,
And outside themselves
All of themselves
Infinitely projected-

God man
Man God? We are alike,
The greater and lesser
Out of mere thinking-
Prestidigitation of images;
The fruition of ourselves
From dreaming into done
And then letting go,
The resting
With sheer joy
Of knowing new worlds
When needed
Spoken into abundance-

We voice…and create-

Life out of seeming nothing
And death into heavens

Tragedy into the miracle
Of conquering,
And defeat
Cast into oblivion-

Hell is a cesspool of fertilizer

Fumes of which we rise on
For far more lovelier roses
With sweeter scent
In the ever climbing-

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