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"The Evolution Of Love" (by Joe DiMino)

Love-can there be more of me
Still left to give?
Have I held-back
More to live?
Have my sense not soared
The heights of loving ranges,
Loving near and loving strangers?
From the soul
And with loving heart
Have I still hoarded
One smallest part,
Kept hidden deep
Within my breast
What no one can see
Yet God knows
Remains my best?

And for you,
In your deep cradle of form
Where love first took her bow-
Lifted her head, parted her lips,
And sweetly said-now!
At that glorious time
When infant-spirit cried a resounding
"Will be!"
Was your heart
Shaped for loving
Entirely shaped for me?

God in His Mystery
With light of love
Declared firmly from onset
Glow below glow above-
And one need never
Steal sparkle from night skies,
The glitter of love
When divinely expressing
Is abundant
In all eyes-