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" The Footsteps Of Christ" (by Joe DiMino)

The footsteps of Christ—
His path clear
To follow…
Imprints unwavering,
Glisten for us
In the sunlight, moonlight,
Out of dark
Light from within
Giving spark…

I follow His footsteps,
His lead—
Adjusting my stride,
From staggering baby-steps
To faithful glide;
From personal relationship
To world outside;
Serving where I can,
Soothing with a salve of love
When allowed—
Speaking His Word,
Singing His Word
Not silenced
By often
A deaf crowd…

I follow in His footsteps,
Pause at The Well,
Draw from deep
Irrigating hell…
None are lost,
Heat an Arid-wave—
Each precious drop
One more
Will be saved…
Each ladle full
Many more
From the grave…

I follow His footsteps,
Easing my load;
Shame falling away
Till nothing left
Of old—
Doing all in
His Name—
In His Fold;

My eyes lifted
Far higher
Than gray clouds
To Light ones above;
Filling His bright footprints
(The quench of His rain)
With puddles of love—SPLASH into your life….

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