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 “The Heart Never Wants to Let Go”(by Joe DiMino)

The heart never wants
To let go;
But it takes more than one
To keep one going—
To sustain beating
It takes more than one
Or depleting;
Hearts needing others
If ever true love to know—
And a loving heart,
Yes, a loving heart…
Never wants
To let go—

The heart never wants
To let go…ask a mother
At that First-grade bus-stop;
Ask a father driving his daughter
To the prom—oh he raised
Her wisely-good
And no need for alarm
The heart never wants
To let go—

Oh that heart!
Woo that letting go!
Ask the grandpa, grave
At a fresh grave—
And if one prays to God
God knows all too well
From the best intentions
The worst of hell,
Never for the heart
Letting go
An easy sell—
For the heart
Never wants
To let go—

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