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" The Howling Wind"

Hear the wind, as it beats the house with such
fury. What's it saying ? What secrets can it reveal?
The wind is here and then it goes bringing with it
memories of holding on and letting go. When will
it stop? Sitting rocking I try to sleep but the
whispers come closer to my ear so I toss I turn and
still it comes through every crack and crevice in
this old house maybe its trying to tell me secrets of
a past time. For the howling wind enters but does
not leave will it leave with silence and peace or
will it leave the way it came Howling memories of
a time I would rather forget? Then I realized the
wind showed me something in its Howling fury not
words but memories of a time lost but never
forgotten to the man tossing and turning.

Written by: Johnny M. Garcia