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 “The Sea a Jealous Lover”(by Joe DiMino)

A hundred waves
A hundred rides,
A hundred ways
For the heart
To carry—
No need to marry one;
Though a jealous lover
The sea never
A journey’s heretic,
Each voyage
An ultimate depth;

A hundred dreams
All are ships,
Tides in and out
They ferry—
A sailor’s life is merry,
Salt a preserving blood:
His true lady
A full figured bow

Curse his cut features
And sword for a heart!
Curse his need-shoring
With good breeze
Enough to depart;
Cursed feels the beauty…
But mourning, a treason,
Having no owner’s reason;
She had her gale
His billowing sail
But the sea
Covets the male—
As always a mate
Back she will carry

At her pleasure

Forever, the
Jealous lover….

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