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"The Seen And Unseen" by Joe DiMino

Our experience
That of the seen
And unseen-sites
Infinite to imagine-

And each itself
As to one's self
Of the real worlds
Those imagined
Are what matters

Walls are only walls
Less a substance
And more a consciousness

The power to see-through
Or climb over
The individual's innate power
To master that of being

And the true selfless
Is to be self-
Part and parcel
Of benevolence-
Gifts made by
And of the Maker,
Learning this
Is to embrace
One another,
And thusly our God

As membranes of seconds
Are clicks of time
That should have been lived
Instead of listened for-
Wastefully tallied, a math,
When not breathing to relation

We are more the
Transition than the firm-

Never still-reality

Singularity, a particle vision
Of Science
Denying its own
Experience: that evolution
Comes to go
And goes to come,
Servant while master-
All is our Own

Thus-the law
Only fiction;
Sadly, profoundly written
When adhered to
And not guided by-
Glue surely binds
But inanimate

Next to Christ
Darwin our greatest priest

Breathing out, born like gills
The soul is more an exhale
Of the deep
Than a parting refrain
To be scooped from the sky
If not dropped
By the gods
Their afterthought

Man and his abscissions

Athletes and Olympics
Both sung
While played
The games must end
If to begin

A paste is heaven
When all gold-
It is either/ore:
A metal-
Realer when in melt
For the process
Is light

A copulation!
Of mind
With spirit
Breeds soul to realms
An offspring-
They naturally fly-
Weights, more illusion

Such osmosis
Both divine
And human
There is a difference
God's to see
And man's
To witness
The spirit/flesh
Equal revival

Seeping in to out
An infusion sublime
The sanctioning of dreams
By a race
All lucid
But not all dreamers
Outside the asylum
Free of the interns
Those who now govern
Continue the Lie
Failing the lesson
If still fearing

Shadows wanting of form

Ah! The kingdoms
Never opens to the faithless

As darkness
Becomes light
Only when a share of sun
Siphoned to an individual
Incorporated proudly-
No, the adding doesn't necessarily add…
But, in fact,
Often subtracts the fact;
For what matters
Is division
(The multiplication):
From God-the physical ploys
His Variables
Our creation


Between The-all-manners
(Webs of vibration)
We cling to and share
As spider-immortal;
Shattering by motions becomes the glass…
Cracks, the warming of a frozen sea-
It is a winter-sleep; exposure to morning-spring
The arising-
Man's presence, a purer flaw for his warmth-
While fissures
Race through and across the medium quickly
No mere as diamond crystals
It is the day of us capturing to awakening…
Lingering starry-dots
That which is retained of the worth-full night
At our best when still glistening
Dawn is the true
Birth of diadems
Sacred resurrection

And yet to discover
The continuity dissected called dimensions
Where one, perhaps, maybe two to the infinite
We are led and lead

And a moment needs no contemplation
No explanation such as a name
Enough only to state
We are always our mindful own

Rest surely…all slopes remain

Toward God inevitably

The path of distance
Is awareness
And never, really,
A Time and Space