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"The Simple Life" (by Joe DiMino)

I have often thought
The simple life…
Then thought, how simply thought—
If life were oh so simple,
Would not simple be too simple?

Who would drink of Gold Chalice?
Seek Fleece as Jason sought?

Would any die
For what none can see?
If not for deeper heart,
Willing to discard
Our surface part…

Would any give one’s life
For strangers lost?
For reasons far from obvious
Light from purer source,
Sacrifice one’s mortal life
Pay such lethal cost—
Simple would be all loss…

No—give me complex irony
That which simple
Can’t lazily define—
Simple is resign—
Gaunt and wasted
Simple is pasted—
Not my taste in Rhine,
Give me nothing,
If spirited blood
Is not my wine!