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"The Spirit Of Woodstock" by Joe DiMino

I hear no Chamber Music,
The rock in me
Having shut you out
With a constant
Un-kept roll:
You will not
Confine me
To a basin
Nor sea—
For my shores
Call the Free-man back
To overflow (resurgence of Liberty)—
Demanding you honor
A Constitution
Not write by men
Inspired by God,
But by God, moving his man-hand,
That of His own
Free-forming expression—

You guessed wrong
Of a tailored, social
Dissemination and recreation
In your own image—that of a Nanny/god-state;
It has never been
The free-spirit of men
Keeping this America autonomous,
But a free spirit
That abides and expresses when allowed
In all men,
And demands of its carriers—Liberty!

This America has been a land
Of opportunity,
For those determined to stretch of themselves
And climb—
Men willing to die
In proud defense
Of Freedom’s ever burning torch
(Wishing this for all nations)
God’s one true monarch on this earth
Is His beloved, Lady-Liberty!

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