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This poetry is the property of the author, and should not be reproduced in any form without written consent from Johnny M. Garcia.


The Sweet Smile

Time stood still for one instance, as the world took a picture in
the face of harmony and clarity never again will there be such a
moment as the night got closer to dawn. The Stars dimmed with
all there magnificence as they hailed the simplicity of one
beautiful moment that they themselves would never go so high
and shine with more glory. Look all around and see the world as
time stops, hearts beat and peace reins as the door opens the
light shines on one sole person and the noise stops and clouds
of confusion clear for one Beautiful Sweet Smile many would
sacrifice and give everything to view one moment of such glory.
The rose which you held so tightly bowed as you smiled with
such sweet innocence and it knew you were much more of a
greater worth than itself.

Written by: Johnny M. Garcia