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"The Walk" by Joe DiMino

Today I awaken
a child-
choose my garments
for color
and comfort:
holes are for breathing-
linings, my skin companions,
heating and cooling
motion and release-
they are part of the same journey
to and from texture:
I like to think,
the sky has its own…
the wind a driving feeling;
and the rain
a sea
for my cloud sails…
even concrete
has firmness
not to be entirely
its stain from traffic
a greater lubricant
if one can imagine
the souls
it has given
as well as taken….
But, today,
I will not dwell
on life
nor death;
nor the greater
question of time
a ticking bomb
for us all….
but I will dwell on you
my love-
and how even
smoke and litter
seem a meadow
of wild flowers
and fragrance
when you are
beside me….
Thank you.

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