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"There Are Many Ships" by Joe DiMino

There are many ships—
Mine often “The Fool”,
Squandering both sea
And craft;
Nay Mattie!—No Sympathy;
I have given myself none
And would not wallow
In your thick deep—
Therefore, this you must keep…
Though inclined to give
And perhaps then
Have justification to reap—

Sympathy is not for true sailors…

The sea has none

Though She has wonders oh!
That which I have seen
Above and below
You must see yourself
For only then
Have chance to flow—
Seek the surface…praying it not
Calm—In fact, horrors of waves…

Expand and deflate with them—

Feel the foam of you…
The tides within and beneath
Tugging you under,

Take with you of the peaking,

Peering through the eyes
While breaking—

The crests—shattered
Seeming blizzards of glass
Brilliantly punctuated by a peeping moon
Gone in an instant
As if She were
A billion shards showing
The splintering of
So many faring souls before you—

Live in the splatter,

In the spay

In the light
Where it dives
After day—

Sink and gurgle,
For only then
Do you see in the depths

And either make them your grave
Or reasons for all rising….

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