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"There Is No Patina" (by Joe DiMino)

There is patina on this time--
For decay
Comes from greed--
And greater,
The Self
When in aggrandizement;

The power of nations,
Only if people-cooperative,
Is in service of God;
The death of nations,
People divided by opinion
And wealth,
In service of self;

These here United States,
Once great under God,
A nation--but more light
Of a living planet--
Stands at Precarious-edge;
Fall to either side--defeat;
With broad-foot dangling,
A once mighty body of many
Ever nearer to toppling;
The enemy--
The ageless One-of-inner,
A darkened soul
In shade of its own ego;
Our largest members, bloated
Leaders entrusted,
Above that abyss , open mouthed, looking off
From a lofty peak
Seldom reached by self-governed people
And never sustained
If history has its way….

When we fall,
Every nation falls,
The tentacles of our economies
So entwined
That none will escape
The closing jaws awaiting.

As for politicians,
There is blame enough for all-
So all are blameless;
As for the clergy,
Their hands are washed
In Tax-free;
As for the mothers,
There are most fathers to blame;
As for the fathers,
There are few mothers--
But for the children,
Who will share their meager fishes,
I pray them the multiples
That can only come
From renewed government by God….

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