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"There Was An Island" (by Joe DiMino)

There was an island—
A far away place,
With beach,
And time to wander—

Imaginary lines, drawn
Between stars—
Nights spent
Tracing the sky
For treasures—

All around,
The waters calm;
The tide, gentle
And darkly serene—
If ever a shore
Was made for dreaming,
No other
More placid could be.

There—every evening,
She’d swim to the rocks;
Slide out
Dripping pearls—
Her lower half
A long fan of fin
With just the right
cute little curl—

Oh how she flipped
With a gleam!

Then basked in the moonlight;
Captured the starlight—
Silvery and rose,
Blue-green of the sea—
My heart swimming out to her;

She was all of beauty!
As seen in a crystal,
The Gazer’s eyes;
Her breasts like ivory—
Long tresses of gold—
Ringlets glistening,
Tossed and floating,
Softly settling…
But never entirely at rest—

Though she seemed lost
In a charming way—

So the rocks sighed…
The shore wept…
Its tears
Her sorrow;

How I wanted to speak,
Tell her also of longing…
Wanted her near—
But two
So different as we
Would never be allowed—
In her sea…
On my shore…
Or any other….

Oh how I wished there somewhere
Endless crests to ride,
No bottom
For all of eternity;
Where love
Is what matters,
And salt would never
Say sorrow;
And sea could never be a prison;
But I was here on the shore—
No place else to go;
And the current her sad destiny—
Beyond the horizon,
To the end of the earth,
A world uncaring.

I grew old,
And she grew old—
Both clinging less in time;
Her slipping from the rocks,
And I from the shore—
Praying we find each other,
And embrace—
If just for a short while—
Far from tides;
Somewhere ours alone
Before Heaven.

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