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"Though Much Older Now" by Joe DiMino

Though much older now-
old, relative to the body' age,
excluding the heart-
for I still love…perhaps
even more deeply;
so, back I go to that sea
of youthful dipping,
where often wetting
my soul-the tears of Heaven
I have decided; seeming that
angels much need a hug
every-so-often; and a good
cry…for the earth's soaking.
No longer quite particular
I have many muses;
words coming to me
from most everywhere-I write
up onto the beach
making briny tracks
in the sand, and puddles
for children to safely ponder
far from unforgiving currents
I have brought back
borrowed in my name
for their dreams-
Borrowed! For more so now
from the years passing
the barnacles and scrapings
I am acutely aware of my
own nearing reckoning…
sad for the loss…
while awonder
if to pen my
greatest mystery….

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