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"Timeless" (by Joe DiMino)

Value not in measured hours, as a day!
I say to you—while filling each of yours
With wishes of sun; and if rain need-be
Soon followed by bows
Making fresh a new way….

No! It is more the uncounted
And therefore, nameless
That should be treasured—

Naming the stop of all beauty….

Timeless defying both tempest and
Safe port, where the greatest fleecing
Often takes place—

The bud’s amaze, seeing light—
A face put to the first warmth
No purer intensity
You know the embrace
I pray at least once the whole
World such opening—

A youthful heart at its zenith,
Defies all jealous reflections;
Yes, pools of many lie—wanting more
From light than ever willing
To give back—

A true rhapsody
Goes on in the mind and heart
Long after the concert, and the theater
Swept of its beauty….

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