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"To Awaken Is To Bless" (by Joe DiMino)

“God Does not Throw Seed In Any Nest”
Knowing better
To awaken
Is to bless…

Wealth lasts (no expiration date)
If not a gift but earned;
Just treasure
When seed-spirit enlightened—

Of the same bountiful stream
We flow—

From mystic-summit,
To fertile meadows below—

We are of God’s waters…
His irrigation—
To bathe in
And grow out…
Our sun-ripened fruits
Essence crops
Of the soul;

Mirror-image of Heaven—

Spirit manna and leaven…

Deeds freely given

Our destiny
To manifest
All eternal worth
From us
Our earth—

Then aloft again
Above mountains
We explore…

Yet higher
We surmount;

Rising over Olympic peaks…

Wings with wider span
Climb still higher
Defying limits
No-longer held back
By finite mind—

Above sky

Into far reaching bright

Divinely we soar
Always seeking altitude
Of the highest
Whom we
Naturally mimic
And adore…

True wealth
Is soul quality—
Mined in the deep of us
Brought to the surface
As gold…
To admire
To hold
To share
All His fold…

What is sowed
Given from the heart
Is never apart…

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