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"To Bee Or Not To Bee?" (by Joe DiMino)

To Bee Or not to Bee?
Less a question
And more our sentence-
That these selfless pollinators,
A source of life's fruit,
Which we dine on their labor,
May go extinct,
In distant years
Or near blink-
The jury is out…
Their jury and ours…
The verdict to be read
When the bees and us go dead-
As blossoms wastefully fall
No harvest
That is all-

The choices have been
Ours to make-
As with heaven and hell,
The place
And how we will dwell-
If pollinators
More than one
Species by species fell…
And the big bomb
Our greatest fear,
Never shattered another ear,
The alarm we often sound
Should have been
Tiny shells of Bees,
Projectiles missing all around….