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"To Feel Life Again" by Joe DiMino

Often I come to the shore
The salted air
A natural seasoning
For ventilation;
The ocean spray
An ancient bath,
A ritual wash
Making old men feel young
And young men curious
Of far-off horizons—

Beneath the surface as well,
Conductive brine reaches
Between the poles of imagination
Carrying deeper the currents
Of journeys
The soul
That of timeless many

Tall ships
Recall billowing sails:

Storybook adventures
Where yet
A man may find
A mermaid or two
And a goddess
Her champion Triton—

I guess this is why
It is aptly termed
The Deep and Blue:
Deep, for each of us
Creates his own
Bottoms or not—
A splash of blue for whatever
The voyage—
Sadly, no sea can capture
More than shallow reflection;
A shivering dip required,
Every spirit
Now and then
Needing a slap of wave
Or a chilling baptism
To feel again life….

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