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"Today I Followed A Lizard" (by Joe DiMino)

Today I followed a lizard…
Surefooted beyond expectation;
Not at all dusty
As I thought it would be—
The sand parting
Before our swiftness—

We slowed
(insects taking notice,
Antennae revolving as radar);
To my surprise
Arose in me a hunger—a hunting thirst,
Surfacing from the deep
But not forgotten,
Never far from reach—

“What taste buds are these?” I asked myself—
"Drawing me out
From my sanitized kitchen;
On ancient spice forage—to a somewhat hostile place;
Do I cleave things back home
Raising blood (the spirit crying out),
Chop and dice to make things simply smaller
(Our souls ever deathly refining)?
The smaller things become,
The sharper our blades—
Till we are all incision,
Nothing left
But outward flowing…."

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