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"Today I Will Write About Stars" (by Joe DiMino)

Today I will write about stars-
Not the usual
Compressed galactic-gleams,
Not the speckling
In deep sky seen,
Tracked and charted
By singular-minded, bright-eyed teams-

No-I will speak of Real Stars,
Day and night stars-
Eternal Stars
Never growing dim,
Burning brightly
From star-dust within-
Not a glow in cold darkness
Between starlight above
But Mysterious Light
Deeper gazers call Love-

Stars that blink
To illumine the poor,
Have learned by faith
To persist and endure-
Stars who dry
The damp
Blanket the cold,
These warm glows
All of God's Fold-
Never dimming-
(A mission to give)
Preaching less-
Word what they live-
Warring on crime
Disease and despair
Never for profit
Simply to care,
Sacrifices not subject
For peddlers dealing in fame-
But God's Asterisk,
His Radiance,
Lighting each name-

This Light is always there-
When one thinks less of taking
And more, to share-
Same Light that shown
From out the tomb,
Giving earth a choice
Between Light and dark gloom-
Light seen brightly
In a new mother's eyes,
Amazed and surprised
That something so radiant
Could come from within,
Not starlight of sky, but Pure Light,
Where all lights begin.