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"Today I Will Not Kill" (by Joe DiMino)

A tiny insect
slowly crosses my kitchen counter...
easy prey--
No, today I will not kill!
fast if necessary
till I feel some cleansing.
Water OK!
This I know
to be replenished--
though insects do
seem endless at times
a potential dot to move,
and I am so immaculate
when it comes
to living-premises--
No,today I will not kill!
I will restore my humanity
by behaving less human;
I will transcend myself
by sparing leggy specks
for new
Divinely inspired instincts--
though I do hate those
foraging things,
and how they multiply
when one does not eradicate quickly--
leaving tracks
across the clean snow of my icing,
expecting light
through a tunnel of straw
only to see phosphorous eyes
glaring back at me
mocking me--
No, today I will not kill!

I will call my wife.