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"Today I Will Think Of Love" (by Joe DiMino)

Today I will
Think of love,
Speak of love
As I have not
Spoken before-
A time in the park
Just west of the Village,
As we often did
On a
Sunday afternoon,
Talked balance
With the jugglers,
Breath with
The balloon clown
Exhaling you a white poodle-
Sang in my best
Lyric voice
An Old Italian Favorite
With a bright striped mandolin
And a
Wine-faced maestro
Pressing ethnic sunshine
From the gray New York Air-

Remember the Organ Grinder
And his monkey
With outstretched hand
And expectant eyes?
We were not ashamed
To ask of each other
And to give
Until our palms were empty
And our heart-
I say one
An omnipotent
Helium of joy!

So much so
It's been twenty years
Since I dared
Go back,
Think of you this way
Vivid in my mind-

I dreamt of you once-
And grabbed and held
As if all the earth
Depended on my grip
And the staying
Power of my love-
The angel scolded
"You must let go!
You must let go!"
I hated that angel
At the moment,
And hated
All of Heaven
And probably would have embraced hell
Had you
Not faded from my arms-
Though I know
He wept with me,
Even He
Unable to lift
Such deeply felt

I will be new again-
And cheerful;
Not allow myself
To really think
Really feel-
For life sometimes
Must simply go on
Without life…
And Death
A living compromise of faceless lovers…