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"Today Was A Water-day" (by Joe DiMino)

Today was a water-day—
My soul in longing
Seeking buoyancy;
Wanting to be lifted
And carried out,
Ride some fleeing crest
Head and shoulders away from the shore….

Too much of me of late
Has been submerged;
In everything but God,
Where I should be;
In everything but love
Where I first came face to face
With God—

Can anyone deny His image
In cherished things of beauty?
In those moments called Divine?
As that of our first born—
The first crying out;
Our hearts knew then
That production, such as this,
Could not have been ours alone…

Like I said,
Today’s a water-day;
I seek buoyancy
As that of the womb,
My first support—
And soon, when I sail off,
My body yet at the cove
Still moored,
I bequeath all my tears,
Taking only joy
To those pools above….

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