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"Tonight I Will Write About Light" (by Joe DiMino)


Tonight I will write
About light—
With meaning clearly
One of blossom,
Needing no catchy phrase
For illumination,
Nor word associations
With fancy twists
And tightly packed
Lofty configurations…

I simply take off
The tinted glasses of
Polymer combination the
Modern choice,
But I have been a traditionalist
Most my life,
And reveled in the classic
When choosing shading separation
And only lately realizing
Word the flaw
In flawless articulation
Silence golden when seeing clearly.

I will not use
Glisten and gleam,
Gush of azure sky
When floating high—
Or set to earth
Amidst gardens, my brightly buzzing
Idling nature,
More like bees happiest to flit not fly
With their noses—I hope they have one—
Not poke or pry
But savor each nectar-brush
Leaving only sacred dust
The true pollen of God’s florescence
My own favorite roses…